UGANDA: We Either Watch Goat Races or Put the country in Order.

In 2005 an important piece of principle was deleted from our Supreme law. Parliament in its wisdom or lack of, through Constitutional amendment removed the legal provision that barred a President from holding office for more than two terms. The framers of the Constitution had acted with foresight to include the clause for it would have ensured that no single President holds office until his or her voters get tired of voting him or her, in other words indefinitely.

UGANDA: 2016 should be Free and Fair Election or No Selections At All.

Done well, electoral system design can add to the momentum of political change, encourage popular participation, and enable the emergence of legitimate representatives who are capable of handling a wide range of needs and expectations, immediately and in the future. Done badly, it can derail progress towards democracy or even political stability.

It Never Took Me Long To Figure Out.

Even that they see as security, i see it as insecurity. When the bubbles bursts they will see the anger from those men who protected them from us.