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After reading today’s New Vision [31/7/2013] and the article “Opposition is disorganized—DP” i feel it is my time to throw a few jabs here and there.

Instead of DP checking on the excesses of the sitting regime now they are busy jumping on other opposition parties? What is DP’s role is it a regime scarecrow? So by the time Norbert Mao got engaged in the same protests wasn’t he sane? Did he not know that there were in Kampala?

I think i am getting tired of the double standards of certain people in this country, today they say police is not civil and it is partisan and the next day the attack those that are being brutalised by the same uncivil police.

What is DP’s role in siding with the Oppressor? No sane man can join this fiesta where Ugandans are not allowed to enjoy their rights in Kampala and other parts of the country?


The framers of the 1995 constitution of Uganda never considered the history and dark days of our nation. As good marketers, they have always sold their theory of the army is not involved in politics, but the minute they involved UPDF in formulating policy, laws of this country, then that is when they gave them more than just a listening mandate, but one to be fully involved in matters that are partisan.

From the fundamental change on the steps of Parliament, swearing to uphold, protect and defend the constitution Mr. Museveni never only lied to Ugandans, but took it as far as even to God. When you make an oath and use God’s name in it, it means you have involved Him and this means that you are supposed to live every letter of the oath to the dot.


From 1962 Our country has gone through many experiences from our leaders and i want to let you know that these are experiences where men and women have offered a ropes for men to hang themselves. Below are sighted examples;

In 1966, following a power struggle between the Obote-led government and King Muteesa, the UPC-dominated Parliament changed the constitution and removed the ceremonial president and vice president.

By 1962 a well balanced government represented by Milton Obote from the North, Kabaka of Buganda – Edward Muteesa II from Buganda – Central Region and William Wilberforce Nadiope, the Kyabazinga of Busoga -Eastern Region.