COVID 19 has changed the way we live, think and work.

  The last time I wrote about something was about the Bududa Landslides and how we needed a Bipartisan approach to address disasters and unite the country together and nurture the spirit of togetherness and working together. That also passed just like any other lone voice in an empty park. COVID 19 has changed the…

Bipartisan Approach: Bududa landslides should unite than divide us.

The disaster that hit our brothers and sisters from Bududa has indeed laid us bare as a country, we are all rushing for the cameras, our politics has left us to be actors for ourselves than be leaders for those that are in search of solutions to the problems or challenges that are bedeviling them…

Uganda: There is more reason to fear for what is happening all under the cover of impunity.

The stability of any country and security of all people depends on the politics of the day. Our country has chosen to play the survival kind of politics and what that means is that only the strong will survive in this lawless society. The break down of all institutions provides the avenue to all we see in happening in the country, deaths, robberies, murders, raids into civil society, etc.

Signs of a Museveni fatigue: It is Kyadondo East, not North.

Our National debt burden which is more than US$10 billion has held us captives and as of last year, every Ugandan had 1,000,000 on their heads including babies. If more US$10 billion is secured in debt to build the Standard Gauge Railway, Oil refinery and Pipeline we will be having 2,000,000 on our heads as a nation. In fact, Mr. Kyagulanyi was a little bit shy with the bleak future but the present is already eating us away as a nation. Between 2006 and 2016 over 9 Trillion was placed in the coffers of UNRA and the country could have got 5,147 km of roads but due to the crafty nature of those in UNRA Uganda only worked out with 1,500km and we lost over 3,647km amounting to 4 Trillion Uganda Shillings. Jajja Museveni needs to understand that this country is bleeding.

The Great Lakes Region’s fragile order.

The Great Lakes Region’s fragile democracy is taking a toll on human life, critical governance issues, and threatening stability in the region. In less than 5 years, more than 1.2 million people have crossed into Uganda from South Sudan to escape the turmoil. In the same period, more than 1 million children have crossed to Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to escape the South Sudan conflict.