A hungry nation with failed agricultural promises and policies.

Our exceptional climatic conditions, fertile soils and two planting seasons make us such a potential agricultural rich country. We live in a country where 75 percent of our citizens male, female and youth are engaged in agriculture-related businesses. 72 percent of our sisters, wives and mothers are employed in agriculture and this even gets higher for the rural Ugandan woman.

Idowu Ejere kicks off the AASW6 blog

Originally posted on The FARA Social Reporters Blog:
Idowu: How young people can inspire young people… “It isn’t where you came from, its where you’re going that counts.” —Ella Fitzgerald Few young people raise to a position, early in their career, where they can inspire others and make a change. For those who do, even…


Uganda has enough problems at hand and in these is the low production of food from our farmers, the problem is not the hoe that has not contributed the best it can in making food production sufficient for all of us, but the surrounding markets for example South Sudan, Congo, Kenya and other countries are…