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Shawn Mubiru - Sports Management Specialist

Shawn Mubiru – Communication and Sports Management Specialist

I don’t think there is a problem in following and supporting football. China would not have invested heavily in a FOOTBALL project that they want by 2016 to have reached 1.2 million Chinese students. #Evergrande International Football School lives up to its name. With clock towers, medieval turrets and spires, it looks like JK Rowling and Walt Disney have built a magical castle in rural Guangdong. At night, the turrets are illuminated in vivid blue or red – the school colours – adding to the surreal spectacle. The complex has 50 football pitches and is building 30 more. Not only is it China’s largest academy dedicated to the sport but it is almost certainly the biggest in the world. Football is an industry just like you look at Trade and Agriculture. Every nation has a sport they love, just because we are not interested in parading chicken to fight does not means we don’t respect the Chinese that do it, as Africans we don’t find sense in cheering chicken when we have a better way in eating them. Tell me a Chinese who does not proud themselves in Kung-fu or Martial arts? I think it is not right to define a whole generation on the small mistakes they have done rather than flogging them, let us teach them how to balance their passion and drinking with work.