Gen Aronda was a fine officer and a gentleman, who, like a number of his colleagues, was serving in a very difficult and nefarious environment. He has endeavoured to serve his country well. At the time of his death, he had stuck his head out to push back the notorious illegal militia of Maj (rtd) Kakooza Mutale.
My heartfelt condolences go the widow and children, the family members, relatives, the NRA/UPDF comrades and all friends.

The Democratic Alliance Calls For Dialogue With Government on Constitutional And Electoral Reforms.

In the interest of ensuring peace and stability in our country, we demand for genuine dialogue with the government to agree on how the political and electoral reforms as enshrined in the Citizens Compact on Free and Fair Elections and other similar proposals can be implemented ahead of the forthcoming elections.

Can Dorcus Inzikuru Steeplechase to Parliament?

For now the Integrity of Dorcus Inzikuru is in the spotlight and we wait to see if she will deliver what she does not have, honesty. We will live to see how this plays out but as sure as night follows day, Dorcus Inzikuru may have set the stage for a protracted legal battle.