NRM Easily Celebrates Sports Achievements, But Ignores Investing In The Sector.

Sport is an industry world over and on our continent ‪#‎Nigeria and‪ #‎SouthAfrica collect a lot of taxes from their athletes, which monies help to transform their economies. And some of these athletes have big businesses in their countries and this means they are employing a number of people and in turn pay more taxes to their governments….

And my thoughts on oil: Curse or Blessing? – Nandala Mafabi

In Uganda, corruption is on the increase despite the extensive institutional mechanisms aimed at curtailing the vice because of the lack of will by those in power. Uganda is now the second most corrupt country in East Africa after Burundi

The Road to 2016: Rag Tagged with Potholes in the dusty rural Uganda.

To many he was known as Museveni’s blue eyed and trusted cadre and others called him Mr. Clean or Super Minister! You might not like Amama Mbabazi’s arrogance and way of doing things, but the man from Kigezi is a good orator, gentleman and an expert at holding what people refer to as tough times. You can lay on Amama Mbabazi’s acumen with a trowel but you cannot mince words when it comes to his handling government business in the August house.