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It is by standing up for the rights of girls and women that we truly measure up as men. Desmond Tutu
The girl child is not weak or less smart. No!



The long dry spell that has hit and affected Teso, Karamoja, Elgon, Busoga in eastern Uganda and other areas of the country has left many without food and water for themselves and their livestock. In Karamoja, we have lost both human and their livestock and in Isingiro families have migrated from their ancestral lands. The dry spell hit the country as early April 2016 and has left millions starving but with little relief interventions to help them survive.

Isingiro is an Agricultural economy based district and many call it the food basket of Ankole. According to Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperative economic profile, 97.1% of the Isingiro district population derives their livelihood from Agriculture. Isingiro district has an equatorial climate with minimum annual rainfall of 1,200mm and the rain season is normally in the months of March to April and September to November.

In November 2016, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Uganda’s opposition political party reached out to the people of Western Uganda in the district of Isingiro where many were migrating to neighboring districts in search of water sources for their livestock and food for themselves to prevail the dry spell that desolated their farms and garden left them with no option but to look for an option for their survival.

I spoke to the FDC Secretary of Mobilization Ms. Ingrid Turinawe and she confirmed to me that 2,000 bags of food were given to the people of Isingiro. This relief was received with gladness by the locals but left a bitter taste in the political mouth of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) leaders.


Enter Toroma, Katakwi.


Following Forum for Democratic Change’s Teso Regional meeting where the party is evaluating itself after the 2016 Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Government elections, the leadership had another stop over to make in the region and this had to be Toroma County in Katakwi. I read a Facebook post from Margaret Wokuri Madanda the Mbale District FDC Chairperson; “Off to Katakwi, where the FDC and the People’s Government will hand over food to the community.”

The day started well and that was like good music to my ears, having such a great intervention to be done in Toroma County was a good gesture until the Police and deployed to stop them from distributing this relief. It never hit me that they would stop anyone from receiving food that they are so much in need of until I watched videos of a charged and violent Police force against an angry and hungry population. There was an outburst of Social Media when pictures of Police blocking FDC leaders from giving the people of Toroma County food.


84 Year Old Ekilek Defies Police’s Live bullets and tear gas.


The charged police on the orders of Regional Police Commander Francis Tumwesigye and the Resident District Commissioner Filbert Ocailap were not resting their cell phones, a move that confirmed that they were remote controlled by their superiors. Locals started running out of patience and an exchange between local leaders of the FDC and the Police went on and on. RPC Francis Tumwesigye gave an order to his men to disperse everyone and then live bullets were shot in the air, canes onto the bodies of the locals and tear gas fired all over the place.

When all this happened there was one brave man that defied and withstood all the threats. Mr Vincent Ekilek an 84-year-old from Oboguti village did not move an inch. His mission was to shake the hand of Dr Kizza Besigye which he did while there was heavy shooting and tear gas. He said; “I have been hungry for long and when I heard that Dr Kizza Besigye and FDC were coming to talk to us and give us some food I did not sleep, I woke up early to travel here and be able to get my share.”

All these statements would not change the minds of a charged Police they continued to disperse everyone, including 84-year-old Ekilek to go away from the Toroma County grounds. FDC leaders resorted to using MegaPhones to speak to the waiting locals because the public address system that was hired was confiscated by the police. Later on, Dr Kizza Besigye went to Toroma Health Center IV to visit those that were injured during the scuffle and the Police tried to stop him from entering, but he used another entry point to access the victims of Police Brutality.

After running battles, the leaders of FDC resolved to have food handed over to Citizen Relief Initiative (CRI) that was represented by retired Bishop Obaikol for storage until it can be distributed.

Citizens Relief

My Take:

When citizens of any country are going through a challenge like this one that threatens their existence, it is imperative that a bipartisan approach is sought to solve the challenge for the good of the country. In times like these, the people of our country ought to be united as One people solve a common concern. This is when political differences are buried for a greater good. The Toroma Country violence against the peaceful and hunger stricken people was an abuse of the human right to life. Our constitution is charged to provide for the welfare of the citizens of the country.

This duty has been abused and the constitution has been abrogated. Going forward the Police should understand that the reason why Ugandans do not trust them is because they have reduced themselves to an NRM political tool used to settle political differences in the country.

Toroma in Pictures. (Ronald Muhinda)

À birthday is a special day if recognized and celebrated by friends, work-mates and acquaintances. What makes it worth and an emotional event, is when it is a surprise attack on you. The gist here is to know that you are remembered and loved by those around you. To all of you that were born this day i say happy birthday and God bless you with more years to live and be lovable.

A  birthday comes once a year, i have never seen a human that has two birthdays. While talking to my friend he said; “i once dated a young lady who made me celebrate her birthday twice in one year.” Why would some want to celebrate their birthdays on two separate dates? Is it about the pomp that comes with the celebrations? Is it being dishonest to those around you?

Your friends are the only resources that you can exchange for anything or for any currency in the world. When i was growing up in the streets of Jinja all I had was my friend and the ball i like kicking. So your friends and loved ones are the only ones that will make this special day even more existing and memorable. I believe that we can make these moments unforgettable and lasting as friends.

A birthday celebration is a time to reflect and be thankful to Heavenly Father for the gift of life, friends, family and all you have. There is no other opportunity than having a me time on your birthday to say a prayer of gratitude for all you got. You don’t have to wait until your birthday to be on a Sunday. Say a prayer and everything will be okay.

Happy Birthday to all my friends and loved on their special day whenever it will happen.

An Aerial View of Traffic Jam in Nairobi's CBD.

An Aerial View of Traffic Jam in Nairobi’s CBD.

It is exactly 5pm and the last session of the Social Media Conference comes to an end at Fairmont Norfolk, and then it hits me that I cannot be in Nairobi and fail to visit with my few friends and family in Nairobi West and Langat’a. I walked past Nairobi University and my eyes behold this sign “This is a corruption free area.” Then I remembered the level of corruption in my country. Across the street I found a taxi driver, the African in me took control of the moment as my driver pronounced himself on the taxi fare to the places I wanted to go. Bargaining ensued naturally and we agreed on 700ksh down from 1,500ksh.

As we embarked on the journey to my destination, I noticed that the traffic flow was so bad that all key exits to Nairobi West were in a gridlock. It is at that juncture that I asked my driver how we would get out of the traffic congestion. He replied; “Bwana we will get there, I have other options, we will use Mbagathi Highway and we will be there.” I took in his response with deliberation wondering if Mbagathi highway would salvage the situation.


Revelers came out in bigger numbers to watch their favorites artistes.

Revelers came out in bigger numbers to watch their favorites artistes.

The highly advertised and much anticipated Club Mega Fest turned out to be the highest sham of the year. As revellers seemed to be excited to Khona with Mafikizolo they were treated to Mega Kadongo Kamu stars ranging from one to another.

First of all, Club beer must have procured an amateur at Events Management and execution. This is because the stage was nothing to write home about. I kept seeing the Fenon logo and advert where they were boasting of how good they are in events management. Whatever happened that evening, their goodness must have vanished the minute the organizers discovered that the Koona stars were not going to perform that show. For Fenon records to allow its brand to be associated with such mediocrity points to more than meets the eye.


Eddy Kenzo - The Sitya Loss Star

Eddy Kenzo – The Sitya Loss Star

My eyes had been plodded on my small Television set at exactly 10:00pm. This was prompted by those Bukedde TV headlines that point all of us to that hour of dustless news.  I never change from Hala Gorani’s show on The World Right Now on CNN. However, Thursday evening was different. I had to be in class lest I miss a world class Press Conference of new Kungu-fu tactics brought straight from Hollywood movies. It is true Kasuku fell down like those Nollywood movie characters and our Eddie Kenzo at least exhibited the Black American fighting tactics he learnt while on his tour of the United States of America. Eddy Kenzo just gave Golola Moses of Uganda a run for his money by knocking out his opponent in a matter of seconds!

Nevertheless, what everyone is missing out on these two Ugandans is firstly that one of the parties to the fight is known as Eddy Kenzo, a Ghetto boy cum star whose recent music projects have catapulted to stardom and worldwide recognition. While many have always criticized him for his poor command of the English language, he on the other hand brags to have represented Uganda in twenty countries, none of which have luganda as a national language. In other words, he speaks English when it matters, when on the international stage and it matters not how fluent he is, well that is according to him.

For his courage and determination to battle all odds, to become a star, Kenzo is a role model to many young people. The lesson you learn from his ghetto to stardom story is that no matter where you come from, your social class does not determine your future, but the potential in you and how choose to unlock it matters anyway.

Kasuku The Parrot on the Mic.

Kasuku The Parrot on the Mic.

The second thing to look out for in this story is that the other person in the picture is known as Kasuku and in the Queen’s Language that is a Parrot. We all know Parrots are not easy pets. They are not like dogs or cats. They like to bite. They like to scream. They don’t understand us or especially want to please us. They are wild birds that just happen to live with us. They are definitely not for everyone. Something that was overlooked before this impromptu fight was to understand the nature of the beaten Kasuku!



The days when you woke up looking forward to reading the truth from newspapers are long gone. Now what we wake up to is complete Public Relation skits placed in the newspaper articles by media house managers and money minded editors. Nowadays you read a story and ask yourself if they did enough research on the matter or they just jumped on it to make a quick dime.