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God created us equal though with different and unique skill set we are meant to compliment each other.

In Uganda, it is different some people get jobs because they are related to those in power, a notion that erases the concept of equality and opportunity for all.

We must be honest and shameful to ourselves I mean those who practice nepotism, corruption is cancerous it disfranchises service delivery not only to the poor but the rich as well.



Rukungiri is a home town of Dr. Kizza Besigye; his people have stood with him in thick and thin. If you want to say they have not betrayed him at any given moment that is the better one to describe their allegiance to their son. Back then, when the regime wanted to court martial him, they spent their hard-earned money when they traveled in buses to Kampala to stand with him and stop Mr. Museveni from doing it. Indeed they were the winners because he was not court martial-ed.

The support of FDC in this district is unwavering, and the numbers of elected leaders that subscribe to Forum for Democratic Change are the majority, while in Mbale at Hon. Nathan Nandala Mafabi’s thanksgiving in 2012, Dr. Kizza Besigye said; “I am safe and happy here even in Rukungiri NRM is on the opposition.”


Something that baffles me is that some of our elite tend to hide heads in the sand away from reality that has shade a dark cloud before us, when they sip in one or two of their favorite liquids, they tend to forget or pretend all is well. And this is the type of elitism that we are suffering from. The one that just only focuses only on their pots. The one that is so comfortable in a country that is faced with so much poverty, and is not a sense of pride but a sign of selfishness.

We live in a country where the section of the elite want to see a road but rather not know how much it costs. This elitist tendency of wanting to see results where accountability is shoved doesn’t conform to the principles of leadership and governance. While as all systems have crumbled, but a section of a cunning organization gang continues to sound bells of everything is okay is a sign of selfishness men and women.


Rwakakamba Morrison

Rwakakamba Morrison formerly an ardent supporter of Dr. Warren Kizza Besigye during his campus days and many remember him to have mimicked his talk is now an ardent hater of the person of Dr. Kizza Besigye. Rwakakamba as I can say is possessed just like his mentor Frank Tumwebaze with their hate of the man who has rejected the politics of disfranchisement of the rest of Ugandans. Violence is the opposite of Dr. Kizza Besigye those of us who are privileged to know him and be close to him it is an uneducated abuse and one of the kind of such ignorance that is being thronged around by the likes of Rwakakamba and Tumwebaze.

When the Musevenists feel political pressure, they will use all manner of blackmail to crack down an opponent in the name of survival. Who has not seen how brutal NRM Police and security organs have treated Dr. Kizza Besigye to naught. Those who continue to give excuses about the abuse of rule of law towards Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago as Besigye’s fault to have him as a friend is such regrettably absurd. Erias Lukwago is a political threat to NRM not only in Kampala but to all Ugandans that subscribe to what he believes in; that every Ugandan deserves to be respected and served equally in transparency and fairness.