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David Moyes facial expression tells it all.

David Moyes facial expression tells it all.

The minute Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho made it public that Juan Mata was up for sale, English Premiership’s reduced champions Manchester United never blinked an eye because in many of the reasons to the current humiliation and suffering the midfield has endured a lot and needed someone who would bring in creativity, style and experience. Juan Mata fitted into the description of that player that Manchester United needed in their midfield. For almost the entire first part of this season David Moyes has fumbled with many names with or without Wayne Rooney’s presence in the middle that has not yielded any positive and steady results.

Juan Mata.

Juan Mata.

The British media has quoted Arsene Wenger complains about Jose Mourinho’s tinkering tactics by selling Juan Mata to the Red Devils who beat Arsenal in the first round and by reinforcing their midfield, Juan is a weapon in handy if utilized well. Arsene is right to be worried without Juan Mata Manchester United managed to tame the Gunners midfield and easily walked away with three points. What will happen with the addition of Juan Mata that is all what is doing rounds in Arsene Wenger’s mind. But also Arsene has revealed that he is not confident that he can certain being on top of the table until the last day of the league something that can easily be used against his team.


Plot to flush out Magogo leaks.

Posted: January 22, 2014 in Sports
FUFA President: Moses Magogo

FUFA President: Moses Magogo

As the National team comes back from South Africa where the Cranes were ejected out of CHAN, the football wrangles will refresh their page for more drama, there is a silent campaign to have Moses Magogo be forced out and the plot has leaked to Reading Reason today; it is believed that Roger Mulindwa’s threat has finally been put to action. After Rogers Mulindwa’s voluntary walk out on FUFA President Moses Magogo, his position was filled in a flash. It is rumoured that more FUFA executive members have threatened to leave Moses Magogo to work alone in his presidency at FUFA House in Mengo. Before this rumour had settled in our ears, another one came flying in with digital wings; employees at Mengo have also vowed to lead out on the Engineer.


If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or Benedicto Kiwanuka were here today would you compromised their right to their citizenship? The answer is no! Ugandans need to depart from a casual ship that most of our brothers and sisters boarded because of fear to face all sorts of unfair treatment by the machinery of this regime. Most of the brutality and unconstitutional acts done by the security forces and their goons are performed in fear-like mode, these guys are so afraid at what people may do to them when that moment came.

Resigning our responsibility of having a regime, government, leader that conforms to those principles of fairness, justice and equality is our God given and constitutional duty. But when we choose to remain silent about those things that matter to us and requisite to our transformation is indeed self-denial or self-betrayal. Taking upon us our responsibility of being equal stakeholders in building a better Uganda is all our responsibility as Ugandans. There is no better Ugandan than each and everyone of us, we need to put it in our minds that we are all equal and indeed have equal share in everything on the surface and beneath our land. So the

As Ugandans we have always come close to having a better country, but loose it all in giving away our rights to those at the helm so much leverage to do all that they wish with our power and authority to decide on those important things that affect our rights to enjoyment of the freedoms that our fore fathers bleed, fought and died for.

I have believed that we all share the blame in having such leaders and a citizenship that is so docile in demanding for what is ours, the major blame goes to those who are appointed or elected to lead us where the biggest number can’t go, but these selfish men and women have maintained a trendy of betrayal and selfishness. It is all in our power to say enough is enough the future of this nation belongs to all Ugandans regardless of where we all come from.

Ugandans deserve a dream, a national agenda, hope for all and an environment where all are free to express their ability in building a Uganda where peace will prevail, where AK 47s are off the streets and all mean-looking men in uniform are civil to their employers (taxpayers). Where employment is for competition and ingenuity and creativity is embraced with gladness and support from a government of the day.

We dream of a day when power will exchange hands peacefully and we will all be glad that we participated in the moment of building our nations. Uganda cannot afford another violent method of change of regime, but looks like those who participated in the 1980 war are ready to do the same in order to be booted out. Our generation has invested so much in research and enlightening themselves in non-violent way of transforming themselves. Our wars have been so much embedded in thinkings, discussing ideas and many of which have been dust-binned or disregarded and that has not been a challenge to our thinking but a motivation to demand for institutional building for our country.

The current environment where a hospital is bad in order to make “Above” happy you have to say that all is well; but this is not what we were taught when growing up as young men and women. We were taught to be honest, we were taught to save our heads from being soaked in the sand, instead of soaking our heads in the sand, we were taught to do what is right in order to keep our heads high above our shoulders. And this is what we bring to this new generation of leaders who will transform Uganda. We were instructed to put our country first and the rest to follow. We can change the current trend of selfish leaders to selfless servants of Ugandans.

Congolese on the streets of Goma EEH dogs Congolese carry a Coffin celebrating the rumored death of President Kagame in Goma

Death comes to all mankind and it is a moment engulfed by sadness, grief and mourning of friends, relatives and neighbors. This is a time when people praise you for having been a good man or woman, but even those who took note of your detailed life would be glad to tell the high and lows of your mortal journey.
It is not the case for our neighbors the Congolese, an online rumor broke loose on President Paul Kagame of Rwanda on how he had been assassinated, but the Rwanda government was quick to power cold water on the rumor calling it “Completely wrong” and President Kagame’s aide Yolande Makolo was asked by Fidel Bilemba a DRC Researcher on the rumor, she tweeted by saying; “Utter Nonsense”

If the Congolese spent a long time running around on the streets of Goma in celebration of the rumored death of President Kagame, without an official statement from their government to clarify on the matter, it shows that there is no order this side of the region? I think there is a problem in Congo, to me it reveals a disconnection of Kinshasha from other provinces and the people of that country.
But why would your neighbor celebrate your death?

Even if you were a bad neighbor to those who you live with, does it amount to people singing, dancing and calling you all sorts of names? Does this pose a question for all of ours to revisit our relations and conduct towards our neighbors? How would they feel when we die? I think it is a very important chance to make amends before we depart this world, if we knew that we were not liked by our neighbors.
A neighbor is one who would fight to their last drop of blood if there was anything that denied you a right to live. Neighbor is one who would be giving up all they have to make sure you are okay! The Bible teaches us to love our neighbors, but it seems the Great Lakes Region needs to redefine its relations with one another. I don’t think that it is out of the blue that these Congolese citizens hate President Kagame, there must be a reason that unites them on this national hate on the man.
As a region of young people, we must start realizing that there is a very bleak future of peace between our nations, so a new start must be ushered in by aour generation of leaders that treasure peace than fighting each other across borders. The fighting that happened in Kisangani in Congo in 1996 has never ended, the guns might be silent, but the war still rages on in the hearts of the Congolese nationals. Should we think that all countries that had boots on the ground in Congo would suffer the same if their leaders’ death were faked the same way like this one, jubilation would be on the streets of Goma?
The way forward is we should seek peace amongst ourselves because it is safe for everyone in this region.