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NAMBOOLE: Dark skies over Namboole Threatening to rain.

NAMBOOLE STADIUM: Dark skies over Namboole Threatening to rain. Photo by Shawn Mubiru

The traffic leading to Namboole was normal and the usual hype of fans coming from all parts of the country was absent, but for a real fan the Togo loss takes nothing not your loyal to Uganda Cranes. Yours truly punched his phone maths and got his buddies to the stadium and made it count. With the gloomy skies over Kireka and Bweyogerere, that wasn’t a reason for us to login no show, I told my buddies that was the reason we needed to show that we were indeed The Cranes and we dared the rain to come down on us in the name of those three points. I believe that the dark skies also contributed to some fans’ absence from Namboole as the boys played their lungs and hearts out.

UGANDA Vs GHANA: Dark Skies Over Namboole Stadium

UGANDA Vs GHANA: Dark Skies Over Namboole Stadium Photo by Shawn Mubiru

I remember when I was a fully signed WAMA FC player in the first divisi,on back then in Jinja coach Kirya used to tell us boys! You got die a little in order for us as a team to be able to take all three home. The animated Micho on the touchline all the 90 minutes through his actions and shouting at them boys demonstrated to me that he wanted them to die a little during this do or die game. The boys did die a little!

As a nation, we ought to look back and know that 1978 is truly a whole lot of history to ignore as a nation. We need to catch with 1978 and get to ask ourselves what manner of men managed to play in the Africa Nations Cup finals. What was their resolve and mission? Why has it taken us 35 years to qualify for the biggest tournament on the continent? Okay put that aside, yesterday was a memorable day in our football history as a country. The fans that were at Namboole sang, danced from the first minute to the end of the end.

I would like to say that our boys played like Champions and at this moment the Nile Breweries Limited cheque on the Nile Special brand has truly been earned, behind me was the Airtel Advert in hot red reading “Together We Can” to me who understands the power of branding and winning the loyalty of the fans to these brands saw the real moment for the brands that associate with Ugandan football. But Football branding still lacks in our nation this is something that still needs a lot of thoughts and brainstorming in marketing teams of the brands that are involved in our game.

The three points did not come alone, but brought in jubilation all over the stadium. For you who were at the stadium I know have different short videos and photos, but here I am sharing a Uganda Cranes Lady fan who danced Chameleon’s Wale Wale song with all his booty, heart and strength.

As we look to beating Guinea to our qualification to Equatorial Guinea next year AFCON2015 our national team needs to maintain the same attitude and know that we are champions and champions never rest until they have the crown.

Museveni, Kiprotich and his family at State House Entebbe

Museveni, Kiprotich and his family at State House Entebbe

Sport is an industry world over and on our continent ‪#‎Nigeria and‪ #‎SouthAfrica collect a lot of taxes from their athletes, which monies help to transform their economies. And some of these athletes have big businesses in their countries and this means they are employing a number of people and in turn pay more taxes to their governments. It is only fair that African governments wake up from their big slumber and invest in the sports industry by building infrastructure across their countries and this will contribute to nurturing of more talent from our young people.



Shawn Mubiru - Sports Management Specialist

Shawn Mubiru – Sports Management Specialist

As the office of the Inspector General of Government closes in on the operations of the Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) or FUFA Ltd, the new Mengo administration has not rested from attacks coming from the Uganda Cranes football fans on the rebranding that ended a long time of association of the Crested Crane with Ugandan football. This saw a new logo that entirely replaced the whole image of the crane as an emblem in the game. Before the Madagascar home game FUFA unveiled a new set of jerseys that was attacked by every football fan on social media under the twitter hush tag #BringBackOurJersey something that was not responded to by the Mengo administration.

Following this, the new administration has not learnt any lessons from the past. The Uganda Cranes home encounter would have reached out to get football fans back to Namboole. We all know that we have always missed qualification on a whisker; the perennial calculators notwithstanding. The current FUFA President has been around enough to know that hiking of entrance fees for such games would lead to lower numbers of fans at the game. The beautiful game cannot do without the legions of fans getting in those Namboole stands. It is not enough to support the game without it making any money, how will the game grow when just a handful of fans are in attendance.

Price dictates growth of any product’s sales! If the products is not being bought off the shelves it means there is something wrong with the product, its packaging, branding or prices. It is high time the powers that be in Mengo realized that football is more than just a sport, but it is business across the world. The sponsors on board deserved better, they never signed sponsorship agreements to have a handful of fans turn up at match day. Hope the Mengo administration realizes that these corporate entities have lost millions of shillings in product monetization in the hope that FUFA would mobilize the fans into stadia to vouch for the national team.

As a sports marketing specialist, I predict heads are going to roll in all the marketing teams of all the sponsors on board and guess what; the hit will end at Mengo where the promises to delivering all benefits reside. With the bashed logo, jersey and now the hiking the entrance fee, FUFA should have learnt that in modern sponsorship it is always more than erecting TV perimeter banners, giving out T-shirts or free tickets on TV or radio or caps at the event day. Sponsors expect the event manager or the owner of the sports property to create a win-win-win situation. This situation leaves all parties involved happy and satisfied; the sports property owner gets sponsors, gate collections, the sponsor gets to brand and sell their products with all exclusivity to the fans at the event. But also the fans get entertained and feel comfortable by getting value for money. And that is modern investment in sports properties, it is no longer donations.

As far as I can remember, the game was not promoted as expected and this goes back to the sponsors of the national team, they expected to draw fans to the game without investing in the process by using their PR channels to leverage their sponsorship packages. Sports sponsorship requires corporate entities to invest in their acquired sports properties to make back their investments and profits. This is going to take more than just waiting for the event or match day something needs to be done.

Shawn Mubiru - Shawn Diaries Consults

Shawn Mubiru – Shawn Diaries Consults MD

I have read with amazement to the responses coming from Ugandans English Premiership League citing racism as one of the reason why the FA is cutting down on the numbers of non-European Players in the league, I am surprised that even after the reasons are provided for in the 10 man report our fellow African brothers cite racism, I think that is hogwash and alarmist.

The English FA will not be the first to put limits on the number of players to grace their league, but all this happens elsewhere including Spain, South Africa, Egypt, German and Asian Federations. As an African who loves football I think that this is an opportunity for African to shine and grow its own brand of football. It is time for African Football Federations and governments to look at football as business rather than just a sporting discipline meant for passing time.

We have seen many African players becoming rich men in million in pounds because of kicking a ball as many may call week in week out but get to earn and have bank accounts bigger than many economies in Africa.

All that English is saying is that they need more playing time for their home players, that is what African players need too, but the only way to do it is by creating a professional league on the African continent not one but even to the tune of three.

I think the continents of Africa, Asia and Americas are the targeted ones and it is time to think for a contingency before it is too late for all the talent these continents are having. This is a lifeline for other football leagues to grow in Africa, US and Asia. As other leagues open up on the three continents to the same standard of EPL, this will also affect their market of fans across the three continents.

Many comments cite racism, but I differ from that set of reasoning. What are they discriminating you from? If they are cutting down to two players will those players still be Europeans? No! And that is what they want as a league to giving more games and time to their players. I think we should concentrate on growing what is our own than spend so much time embracing what is not ours.

As football fans on the African continent are furious I would expect the sober ones to think of this moment as a wake-up call rather than a racial decision that the FA will take in making their league more English than it has been. It is important we start looking at what we have as Africans and how we can embrace what’s ours than spend resources and time promoting and enjoying what is not ours.

David Moyes facial expression tells it all.

David Moyes facial expression tells it all.

The minute Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho made it public that Juan Mata was up for sale, English Premiership’s reduced champions Manchester United never blinked an eye because in many of the reasons to the current humiliation and suffering the midfield has endured a lot and needed someone who would bring in creativity, style and experience. Juan Mata fitted into the description of that player that Manchester United needed in their midfield. For almost the entire first part of this season David Moyes has fumbled with many names with or without Wayne Rooney’s presence in the middle that has not yielded any positive and steady results.

Juan Mata.

Juan Mata.

The British media has quoted Arsene Wenger complains about Jose Mourinho’s tinkering tactics by selling Juan Mata to the Red Devils who beat Arsenal in the first round and by reinforcing their midfield, Juan is a weapon in handy if utilized well. Arsene is right to be worried without Juan Mata Manchester United managed to tame the Gunners midfield and easily walked away with three points. What will happen with the addition of Juan Mata that is all what is doing rounds in Arsene Wenger’s mind. But also Arsene has revealed that he is not confident that he can certain being on top of the table until the last day of the league something that can easily be used against his team.


Plot to flush out Magogo leaks.

Posted: January 22, 2014 in Sports
FUFA President: Moses Magogo

FUFA President: Moses Magogo

As the National team comes back from South Africa where the Cranes were ejected out of CHAN, the football wrangles will refresh their page for more drama, there is a silent campaign to have Moses Magogo be forced out and the plot has leaked to Reading Reason today; it is believed that Roger Mulindwa’s threat has finally been put to action. After Rogers Mulindwa’s voluntary walk out on FUFA President Moses Magogo, his position was filled in a flash. It is rumoured that more FUFA executive members have threatened to leave Moses Magogo to work alone in his presidency at FUFA House in Mengo. Before this rumour had settled in our ears, another one came flying in with digital wings; employees at Mengo have also vowed to lead out on the Engineer.


Dear Chris Obore,

If Manchester United were a political party indeed as you opined then, Arsenal would be ZANU-PF. As we beat #Arsenal, we never knew that you the #ChiefNoiseMaker you were on that side. Please forgive us for your loss, but we only had to reduce the volume of the disorganized noise. Using football for examples in Ugandan politics i beg to submit that you are entirely misplaced. But kindly endure that long suffering i know what you are going through because i have been there, but be of good cheer troubled times come not alone but with faith, patience you can overcome.

But as you head to Chelsea i must warn you, you might be both wounded lions, but Ramires knows how to save the day, you might need to stock a number of nets to prevent him from diving in your penalty area, behold the lad is a skillful diver.

Chris, i discovered that your boy #MesutOzil doesn’t only have small eyes, but he is endowed with a big mouth too. Manchester United’s season cannot just ended by the use of words, but only football can be played and results can do that. Unfortunately, there was nothing to show but only possession, Arsenal is like NRM indeed who have had a possession of Uganda nearly for 30 years, but nothing to show in terms of achievements. Tell me about planting flowers and uprooting them to introduce a six lane on Jinja-Kampala is like believing that Ozil is the messiah in your long drought of silverware.I was also wondering whether #Flamini was launching his bid in doing a new #KungfuPanda sort of movie, the man exhibited ability in flying kicks that yielded a #YellowCard for him.

PANTS DOWN: Arsenal Fans down in shock

PANTS DOWN: Arsenal Fans down in shock

Next time shove those exceeding ambitions and first win the game and then talk. But you did a lot of talking even before you scored a goal. Someone of your fans fell down to earth in shock while their pants exited their waist just like Kiweewa’s song “Empaleyo Egwa.”

The words of Arsene Wenger angered our men and in deed in the words of Patrice Evra echoed the silent streets “Men prevailed over boys.”