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The media is the seer for the speechless and in any nation where the rights and freedoms of the media are trampled upon, plainly means that there is no rule of law and democracy.

Media Freedom is requisite to the building democracy and rule of law. It fosters accountability to those abusing the privilege to serve the public.

The problem of Uganda is not that we don’t have enough resources and that is not true we do have the richest climate, fertile soils, with the oil discovery as some people say though it was discovered long ago, yes Gold in Karamoja, on additional to that we have good policy writers in the world. 

 If you can go back in time (1986) when we started getting all these nice proposals and policies by then the fresh minds were looking at a better Uganda with all goods for all. And this included the drafting of a wonderful instrument known as a constitution that consisted of the Presidential Term Limits.

 From the Entandikwa that came to relieve Ugandans from poverty which never reached them was a wonderful dream that never lived to be fulfilled as a reality but as you know the song went on and on. But after this dream went out in flames the great dreamers never stopped dreaming they continue to manifest their dreams to the choir master who inturn green flagged his lyrics writer than came up with wonderful songs to be sang from 1992 – todate and below are the songs that have been on the charts and won them awards from the humble Ugandans.

 Okay the real problem is that instead of having leaders we have choir masters who enjoy singing endless slogans ”Bonna Bagagawale,(Prosperity For All) Bonna Basoome,(Education For All), and many more. These are all nice programs and i would like to thank those men and women who came up with these programs. I am so sad that their dreams became slogans for yes men and women. 

 Uganda has never discovered a vision to help her make all her dreams reality men and women in the political class have continued to dream day and night which has sent many to a never ending slumber because they think that when you spend more time sleeping that is when dreams come. But they have not taken time to ponder about their dreams and have a debate about them with other wise men and women in this land.


 Waking up exhausted after many disturbing dreams is a common experience for many depressed people. It has been shown that depressed people dream up to three times as much as non-depressed people but why should this be? 

 Depressed people dream more because they have more emotional arousal to ‘dream out.’ Depression causes (and is caused by) a lot of emotionally-arousing introspection, or rumination, that endless sort of worrying that never seems to go anywhere and just makes you feel bad.

 There are many countries that have not what we have but have managed to live within their resources and these may include Rwanda, Ethiopia, Ghana etc. These countries have discovered a vision that has helped them to achieve their dreams for many years.

Now our President recently was caught by camera meditating about the Vision 2040 this in London.



Uganda Leader of Opposition: RT. Hon. Nathan Nandala-Mafabi

Uganda Leader of Opposition: RT. Hon. Nathan Nandala-Mafabi

Earlier this week, the Leader of Opposition flew out of the country and his destination was Azerbaijan, little did we know that the man from the mountains of the sun was eyeing a juicy position from Parliamentary Network on World Bank and Internationally Monetary Fund. The first time we heard about it was when the DP President Norbert Mao posted about it on his social media facebook page. Because I could get the word from the horse’s mouth I contacted RT. Hon. Nathan Nandala- Mafabi and he confirmed to me that he was contesting for the position.

This morning when I contacted him he told me that Rwanda and Burundi was against his bid, they had ganged up on the English speaking candidate so they supported a French speaking candidate. But Nandala Mafabi was positive that he was going to win, in his words he said; “although they have ganged up on us we shall win God willing.’’

At exactly 17:40hrs (5:40pm) he sent me a message reading; “We have won!” And following a message to all those who had campaigned for him and put their trust in him;


The Parliamentary Network on the World Bank & International Monetary Fund (the Parliamentary Network) provides a platform for parliamentarians from over 140 countries to advocate for increased accountability and transparency in International Financial Institutions and multilateral development financing. Founded in 2000, the Parliamentary Network seeks to engage law makers from around the globe in the common mission of addressing good governance and poverty challenges in both their home countries and abroad. Directed by a twelve-member Board elected by their peers, the Parliamentary Network is an independent non-governmental organization with a secretariat in Paris. The organization is open to all elected parliamentarians from World Bank member states who hold a current mandate. Parliamentary Network members represent themselves and their constituents, and not their countries, parliaments or governments.

While speaking to RT. Hon. Nandala Mafabi he said; “I won because I had enough papers and experience.’’ Nandala Mafabi worked for the World Bank for some time and his name could ring a bell electing him only made sense and that is the right person that board need one member from Colombia said after the election.

Nandala Mafabi has promised to serve the whole world Quote: “I have to work and show the whole world that I have the capacity to change lives in the world. Now all development projects in the world funded by world bank/IMF will be checked by me.”

Uganda will host a conference on PNOWB and this is good for Uganda where matters of transparency and accountability are on the floor crawling. Hope this conference will highlight our weaknesses, gains and a way forward on how to make our weaknesses turn into strength.

Ugandans had to say about Nandala Mafabi’s success;




Organisation of African Unity (OAU) is upon the African people this 25th May 2013. Both Organisations were formed with the main objective of ultimately bringing about the United States of Africa.

Why was there to be a United States of Africa? Let me remind by quoting three African leaders on this important subject of deep concern to Pan Africanists. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the first President of Ghana wrote, “If we [Africa’s people], are to remain free, if we are to enjoy the full benefit of Africa’s resources, we must be united to plan for our total defence and the full exploitation of our material and human means in the full interest of all our people. To go it alone will limit our horizons, curtail our expectations and threaten our liberty.”Image
In the southern tip of Africa, Prof. Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe, that most feared leader by the apartheid colonialist regime in South Africa who was imprisoned on Robben Island without even a mock trial and a special law, called “Sobukwe Clause” made to silence him for his Pan Africanist outlook in politics, until he died, said in April 1959:
“We regard it as the sacred duty of every African state to strive ceaselessly and energetically for the creation of a United States of Africa from Cape to Cairo and Madagascar to Morocco. The days of small independent countries are gone. Today we have, on one hand, great powerful countries of the world. America and Russia cover huge tracts of land territorially and number millions of population. On the other hand [European] small weak independent

countries are beginning to form military and economic federations hence

NATO and the European Economic Common Market.”

This Pan Africanist visionary concluded, “For the lasting peace of Africa and the solution of economic, social and political problems of the continent, there must be a democratic principle. This means that foreign domination under whatever disguise must be destroyed.”
How justified are the above statements by Nkrumah and Sobukwe today? In July 2OO8, Pope Benedict XVI spoke the truth that has been hidden in Western countries from the world for centuries. The Pope said, “Our Western way of life has stripped Africa’s people of their riches and continues to strip them.” Corroborating this fact, a Member of the Scottish Parliament, Mark Ballad, declared, “Our relation with Africa is an exploitative one. The West no longer needs standing armies to strip Africa of its resources, because it can do it more effectively with multi-national companies.”
After his initial doubts about the absolute importance of a United States of Africa, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, first President of Tanzania proclaimed, “There is no time to waste. We must either unite now or perish. Political independence is only a prelude to a new and more involved struggle for the right to conduct our economic and social affairs, to construct our economic and social affairs, unhampered by crushing humiliating control and interference.”
Informed institutions and learned people outside Africa affirm that the economic power of Africa depends on a United States of Africa. According to the 2006 World Bank Data, if Africa was then a single country, it would have had a total gross income of nine hundred and seventy eight American billion dollars.

In his book, AFRICA RISING Prof. Vijay Mahajan, former dean of the Indian School of Business at the University of Texas in America has written that the figure of $978 billion for Africa would have placed Africa ahead of India as a total market. He points out that a United States of Africa would show up as the tenth top economy in the world. Only the economies of America, Japan, Germany, Britain, China, France, Italy, Spain and Canada would top Africa. A United States of Africa economy would top that of India which was $906.5 billion in 2006, that of Brazil which was $892.28 billion, Republic of Korea which was $856.6 billion, Russian Federation which was $822.4 billion and Mexico which was $820.3 billion.
This is not surprising to those who are knowledgeable about the enormous

riches of Africa which as Pope Benedict XVI and other justice-loving people have observed, do not benefit Africans at present. Indeed, it was not a joke when Nkrumah told the founders of the OAU that long time ago that, “We are today the richest of the continents and yet the poorest of continents. But in unity, our continent could begin to smile in a new era of prosperity and power.”
The West has fed Africa with the myth and poison of “Aid.” African leaders have developed a sickening dependency syndrome on this “Aid.” This “Aid” comes from people who are getting their own riches from Africa. This so-called “Aid” to Africa is in fact, a form of the disease called AIDS. It is indeed, the economic Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome inflicted on Africa under the cover of curing its African people of it. This incurable disease is sinking Africa deeper and deeper into “foreign debts” that compromise African governments and force them to focus on “Aid” from their former colonial masters who under developed Africa through slavery and colonialism in the first instance.

Africans must not present themselves to the West in particular, as if they are bankrupt debtors with nothing to put on the international table. The West could not have produced its nuclear weapons without Africa’s uranium. Their cars would run dry without oil from Africa. All their industries would grind to a halt. It is Africa’s exploited raw materials by them, especially minerals that give these supposed “AID givers” their riches and their Western “first world economy.”
Hear this directly from the horse’s mouth. It is just one example from one of

the African countries. Not long ago, an American Senator Jesse Helms reminded his people. “South Africa is the source of over 80% of American mineral supply and 86% of Platinum resources….South Africa has 96% of the world’s chrome reserves. As you know, there is no substitute for chrome in our military and industrial manufacturing. Without South African chrome, no engines for modern jet aircraft, cruise missiles or armaments could be built. The United States would be grounded. Our military would be unarmed. Without South African chrome, surgical equipment and utensils could not be produced. Our hospitals and doctors would be helpless.”
Africa has subsidised the economies of Western Europe and America for centuries through its riches and labour at gunpoint. Even in their war against Adolf Hitler, Africa’s riches were simply seized and used in the interest of Europe. The Colonial Secretary of the Belgian government in exile, Godding boasting about this, said “During the war, the Congo was able to finance all the expenditure of the Belgian government in exile in London, including the diplomatic service as well as the cost of armed forces in Europe and America…the Belgian gold reserve could be left intact.”
It is this kind of criminal exploitation and looting of African resources by imperialists that Pan Africanist leaders such as Nkrumah, Lumumba and

Sobukwe wanted destroyed. It is dehumanising Africans. No single African country can stop this vile system of economic exploitation of Africa alone. All African countries must stand up together and destroy it. It affects them all. Africa is a house with 54 rooms in it.
When one room catches fire, other rooms are endangered. The problem of

Mali, the problem of Somalia, the problem of DRC, the problem of Central African Republic – the problem of any African country is the problem of Africa. It is the problem of brothers and sisters. It is the problem of the African family. You can’t ignore it without being the next to be injured in imperialist agendas such as “regime change,” withdrawal of Western “Aid” or imposition of economic sanctions.
The truth is that when Africans were enslaved or colonised or discriminated against because of their black colour, the perpetrators of these barbaric acts never cared whether you are Congolese, Nigerian, Ghanaian, Azanian, Malawian, Zimbabwean, Motswana, South African or Swazi; they just inflected their atrocities, whether in Jamaica or America. To not act Pan Africanly is African national suicide.
Why is the African Union failing on the main objective for which it was founded? The United States of Africa cannot be brought about by leaders who are not Pan Africanists. The propeller of the United States of Africa is Pan Africanism. The United States of Africa was a Pan African vision. This vision began many years ago, but was formalised in 1900 in the Diaspora through Pan Africanists such as Henry Williams Sylvester.
It is Pan Africanism that from its 5th Pan African Congress in 1945, intensified

Africa’s independence movement that destroyed classical colonialism in Africa. It is this Pan Africanism that must now destroy neo-colonialism, the last stage of imperialism. The essence of neo-colonialism is that the State which is

subordinated to a foreign imperialist power has all the outward trappings of international sovereignty. But in reality its economy and foreign policy are controlled by foreign powers. The value of such a State lies in being used to create new economic, social and cultural conditions for its former colonial master. Genuine national independence is more than just flying a country’s flag, having a parliament and a President.
How many such states are members of the African Union? How did some member states of the African Union vote in the Security Council in 2011 for a Resolution that led to the death of Muammar Gaddafi? Libya is today the most bombed African country by NATO and America in their bid to access and control Libyan oil wealth for their own countries.
Of course, leaders who are rulers of South Africa long denounced Africanism and Pan Africanism as “anti-white” and “racist.” This was in 1955 when white neo-liberals of the pseudo-communist brand imposed on the ANC what they called the “Freedom Charter.” This programme cheated the dispossessed Africans on the return of their land. Today, South Africa is a “two nations” syndrome, one extremely rich and white minority and the other extremely poor and 80 % African majority.
With regard to the African Union, there are many people who now perceive

South Africa as “a sub-imperialist” agent serving the interests of former colonial countries than those of Africa. Statements by its President such as a “decisive intervention” and a “Standby Force,” on the Continent does not allay fears that this is not the American “Africom” under cover to protect the continued Western looting of African raw materials, especially minerals.
This does great harm to the African Union and will hinder its mission to bring about a United States of Africa. The African Union should not have members that hunt with the hunters, but run with the rabbit and making sure that the

rabbit is not caught. There has been too much suffering by Africans for their leaders to be untrustworthy in serving African interests truthfully. In South Africa, there are still colonial and apartheid public holidays. But May 25 – Africa Liberation Day, for which the whole Continent sweated blood, there is no room. It is not a statutory public day here. Time does not allow me to continue.
Let me close by reminding all Sons and Daughters of Africa, this 50th

anniversary of the African Union, the words of that shining star of Pan Africanism, Kwame Nkrumah. A day before the 25th May 1963, he addressed African Heads of State and Government on the formation of the OAU, the predecessor of African Union.
He declared, “No sporadic act or pious resolutions, can resolve our present problems….As a continent we have emerged into independence in a difficult age with imperialism grown stronger, more ruthless and experienced, and more dangerous in its international associations. Our economic advancement demands the end of colonial and neo-colonial domination of Africa.” END
Dr. Motsoko Pheko is author of The Hidden Side Of South African Politics, Towards Africa’s Authentic Liberation and Land Is Money And Power. He is a former Member of the South African Parliament as well as former Representative of the victims of apartheid and colonialism at the United Nations in New York and at the Un Commission on Human Rights in Geneva.


On Monday 20th May 2013, Uganda Police Force stormed the Namuwongo based Monitor Publication with a court warrant to search for the alleged Sejusa letter that was published in Daily Monitor. This followed summons and interrogations meetings of Daily Monitor Journalists Kasasira Ridsel, Wanambwa Richard and their editor Don Wanyama, the trio argued that they cannot reveal their source because that is part of the media ethics to protect public confident..

Police evicted staff of Daily Monitor, KFM and Dembe FM a sister Luganda station of KFM. Since then, the search has turned out to be indefinite, something that worries many. 

Since employees agreed to vacate their work place which has turned in a crime scene, but police to keep in mind that they had infringed on the rights of KFM and Dembe who were not part and passel of this never ending search. This has amounted to gagged these two radios from doing their work. The said letter was not published electronically since these are electronic entities but it is very clear that the said letter was published in the Daily Monitor.

My concern is has Sejusa ever denied that he never authored the said letter? Through his lawyer the General agreed that he is the author of the letter which has not been received as said by the institution that employs Sejusa. So does this mean that he cannot be prosecuted if the letter continues to go missing?

Today 23rd May 2013, court that gave Uganda Police Force the ability to search Daily Monitor and Red Pepper, but the same court has canceled the search warrant and instructing them to return it back to court;

According to Grade One Magistrate Rose Mary Bareebe, ”In the process of execution of  the said warrant, the mandate given by the warrant was overstepped.” And the magistrate order them (Police) to vacate the premises and return the warrant back to court.

The process of letting Police execute its duty using a court search warrant was received positively but the Daily Monitor bosses and employees, but where the violation of rule of law comes in when police fails to respect another order from the same court stopping them to doing an never ending search. Is the law only lawful when it is in their favor?

Ugandan government has always blown its own trumpet, on how Uganda is governed by rule of law and democracy, but then today is another yardstick for them to prove that they respect rule of law.

When institutions that are mandate to maintain law and order, in turn violate the same law that they are supposed to maintain, then that is when press freedom and rule of law suffers at the expense of impunity.

Whatever our leaders whether in the political class or other institutions choose to do, they need to know that our young brothers and sisters are watching every step made and is this how we are nurturing a young nation and its citizens what precedent are we setting for the next generation?



KCCA boys drove their truck on Jinja Road Hollywood style all in the name of causing an arrest of a man who was in a red car today whatever crime he committed no one knows. What perturbs me is whether they have turned out to be traffic officers in the city.


The constant abuse of laws within the country has empowered even KCCA Enforcement officers to take siege of a road for more than 10 minutes, because they have seen it on TV being done at Daily Monitor, Red Pepper and many other places, now Jeniffer Musisi boys have power to closed off a road and arrest whoever they want.

I will not say that they did this not knowing that they were not in the middle of the road, simple these fools knew they were abstracting traffic, whether they know traffic regulations or not that is a debate for another day, but what i can tell you is that KCCA employed thugs to enforce laws.

Now the question is what did they re-brand? Is it just a  logo and nice looking uniforms and brand news cars? I don’t know! According to the KCCA Act the authority is a body corporate that can sue and be sued whether the employers of these thugs know this; that is another debate.

Back to the incident, Ugandans have developed a sense of protection towards their fellows Ugandans, in a blink of an eye ,people gathered to stop the impunity from taking place and the KCCA thugs did flee from the wrath of Ugandans on the street. Ugandans are a very patience people but what i know that they can raise to the occasion when need be. Bravo Ugandans.




This morning i had an interesting discussion with a young man called Sematimba Waiswa who is writing a book that will be unveiled soon about Ugandan football right from the time football came to Uganda to date. I was so happy to get to find a young man that was so interested in researching on the game of football in Uganda.

This young man was so pained like everyone of us that football is such an enterprises that many use to gain their selfish ends, but many have always told us how they use their own money to run football. In 2009, while still writing at UgaSport Publication, i told Mr. Jimmy Kirunda that football can bring unbelievable revenues to the game, country and will in turn employ thousands if we plan and have a structure in place that can be financed.

The management of football in Uganda has no difference to the way the whole country is run, hopefully football is not learning from its political leaders of the country. The one of the reasons why Uganda has lagged behind is corruption and bad policies so is Ugandan Football. When the late Denis Obua was taken away from Mengo we thought that the next breed had learned lessons and whatever was coming was the best, but these guys are worse than Denis with his administration football was still vibrant and people were still in the stadiums, companies were still sponsoring football.

When SOS started the campaign to bring us Mulindwa who has become a thorn in our football they never asked the right questions to the guy and his handlers. And the relevant question would have been what is your plan and program for football in Uganda? I remember during that time, all you could hear was the man has his money as if that was what football was lacking, now Ugandan Football needs more than money. Ugandan football needs a structural plan to grow football and program that will contribute its growth.

Back then, it was even better that all over the country we were organized in district teams that used to meet and play each other and a team was in place to help football administrators recommend good players to the national team coach, but right now Uganda is blessed with Copa Coca-cola a platform where clubs and the technical team of Uganda Cranes would have got players for our under 20 players. With a plan and program in place we would have where these lads can go and nurtured more in football. When calling young player we call older ones as if Uganda has no young footballer, this shows how confident we are not of our young talent.

Some analysts in Ugandan football are such disappointing, and for sure they have become noise makers rather than looking at what Uganda needs. Uganda is not looking for a football scout No! We are looking a manager, coach who will be able to deliver using the talent we have and bring on more from programs like Copa Coca Cola and other avenues where football talents can be got.

After Micho’s management at SC Villa no one can convince me that he will be the right man. What has he done with Rwanda a nation that injects much in football with a President who loves the game of football. Some of theses analysts have poor judgment and want to paint the Mengo administration in good light. I think your analysts can remain on getting internet stories and end up to tell you that they are knowledgeable.

As Ugandans who love our country and football played in this nation, we should be asking relevant questions on what really Ugandan football needs not what coaches that have been fired from certain countries and clubs have done. These chaps who copy and paste internet news forget that the coaches they are likening to Micho go in teams and countries that have a structure in football.