A hungry nation with failed agricultural promises and policies.

Our exceptional climatic conditions, fertile soils and two planting seasons make us such a potential agricultural rich country. We live in a country where 75 percent of our citizens male, female and youth are engaged in agriculture-related businesses. 72 percent of our sisters, wives and mothers are employed in agriculture and this even gets higher for the rural Ugandan woman.


A rigged election: A regime armed against its people.

Elections put the voice of the citizen at the centre of policy formulation and implementation, but as we can see the adage of power belongs to the people in every constitution around the world especially in Africa it makes no sense anymore, elections are now rituals used by incumbents to usurp power at any cost.

What is DP’s Role In This Unlawful Political Ping Pong?

After reading today’s New Vision [31/7/2013] and the article “Opposition is disorganized—DP” i feel it is my time to throw a few jabs here and there. Instead of DP checking on the excesses of the sitting regime now they are busy jumping on other opposition parties? What is DP’s role is it a regime scarecrow? So…