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NAMBOOLE: Dark skies over Namboole Threatening to rain.

NAMBOOLE STADIUM: Dark skies over Namboole Threatening to rain. Photo by Shawn Mubiru

The traffic leading to Namboole was normal and the usual hype of fans coming from all parts of the country was absent, but for a real fan the Togo loss takes nothing not your loyal to Uganda Cranes. Yours truly punched his phone maths and got his buddies to the stadium and made it count. With the gloomy skies over Kireka and Bweyogerere, that wasn’t a reason for us to login no show, I told my buddies that was the reason we needed to show that we were indeed The Cranes and we dared the rain to come down on us in the name of those three points. I believe that the dark skies also contributed to some fans’ absence from Namboole as the boys played their lungs and hearts out.

UGANDA Vs GHANA: Dark Skies Over Namboole Stadium

UGANDA Vs GHANA: Dark Skies Over Namboole Stadium Photo by Shawn Mubiru

I remember when I was a fully signed WAMA FC player in the first divisi,on back then in Jinja coach Kirya used to tell us boys! You got die a little in order for us as a team to be able to take all three home. The animated Micho on the touchline all the 90 minutes through his actions and shouting at them boys demonstrated to me that he wanted them to die a little during this do or die game. The boys did die a little!

As a nation, we ought to look back and know that 1978 is truly a whole lot of history to ignore as a nation. We need to catch with 1978 and get to ask ourselves what manner of men managed to play in the Africa Nations Cup finals. What was their resolve and mission? Why has it taken us 35 years to qualify for the biggest tournament on the continent? Okay put that aside, yesterday was a memorable day in our football history as a country. The fans that were at Namboole sang, danced from the first minute to the end of the end.

I would like to say that our boys played like Champions and at this moment the Nile Breweries Limited cheque on the Nile Special brand has truly been earned, behind me was the Airtel Advert in hot red reading “Together We Can” to me who understands the power of branding and winning the loyalty of the fans to these brands saw the real moment for the brands that associate with Ugandan football. But Football branding still lacks in our nation this is something that still needs a lot of thoughts and brainstorming in marketing teams of the brands that are involved in our game.

The three points did not come alone, but brought in jubilation all over the stadium. For you who were at the stadium I know have different short videos and photos, but here I am sharing a Uganda Cranes Lady fan who danced Chameleon’s Wale Wale song with all his booty, heart and strength.

As we look to beating Guinea to our qualification to Equatorial Guinea next year AFCON2015 our national team needs to maintain the same attitude and know that we are champions and champions never rest until they have the crown.

Museveni, Kiprotich and his family at State House Entebbe

Museveni, Kiprotich and his family at State House Entebbe

Sport is an industry world over and on our continent ‪#‎Nigeria and‪ #‎SouthAfrica collect a lot of taxes from their athletes, which monies help to transform their economies. And some of these athletes have big businesses in their countries and this means they are employing a number of people and in turn pay more taxes to their governments. It is only fair that African governments wake up from their big slumber and invest in the sports industry by building infrastructure across their countries and this will contribute to nurturing of more talent from our young people.



Dear Bobby,

When you addressed sports journalists this week, among the points you gave was ‘’African teams don’t win away from home.’’ I would like to say that the reason why a national team would leave local coached for a foreign coach is to improve from not winning away from home to winning away from home.

There are many coaches like the late Paul Hasule who worked very hard to get Uganda Cranes to the African Nations Cup, a competition where we last participated in 1978. Now Ugandans must be a patience people, but I think I will give my opinion on the matter.

My friend Bobby, it is disrespecting for you to tell us that you went to Monrovia – Liberia well knowing that we couldn’t win and it is amazing to know what kind of inspiration you do impart to our national players. It is time for you to be considering telling us your plans after being defeated by Kenya and Zambia at home, where you think that we can easily win but we didn’t things were normal in your perspective.

It is such unprofessional for a man like you to say that Uganda or any African team cannot win from home so why have we even failed to qualify from home since you are sure that we can easily win from home.

Just like a visitor who has overstayed their welcome, your statements are rather disappointing, annoying and unfortunate for the football fans in Uganda. Recently I thought that when I wrote that it is time that we start from a fresh page, people would understand what I meant, but the truth is you were in the equation yourself I have been following you since the day you started working as the Uganda Cranes coach. I think that you don’t have the powers of a coach who would be in charge of spotting the players and summoning them for national duty. And indeed this is where we want to be heading as a country we want to start afresh with a coach who will grow football in Uganda.

My friend Bobby, I think it is time you accept that the mission that brought you here will never come to pass and for your information whatever you have won, we won all of them with the local coaches so I don’t actually see much of your success for our national team.

I know you have worked in a difficult environment of men that are about getting the money rather than growing the sport but still as a coach, you have presided over personal wars from the federation to the national teams and that has broken the spirit of many of our players hence voluntarily leaving the national team.

Bobby, it is time for you to pack and go home or find another place to offer your services.


Shawn Mubiru.