The Oil Presidential Handshake a true image of a Patronage led economy.

The quality of a country’s policies and governance depends on the strength of its Institutions and those appointed to led in those institutions. The ongoing Parliamentary inquiry into the Presidential Handshake tells you how easy it is for a patronage system to misuse institutions to share or loot resources meant for the entire nation. As…

A rigged election: A regime armed against its people.

Elections put the voice of the citizen at the centre of policy formulation and implementation, but as we can see the adage of power belongs to the people in every constitution around the world especially in Africa it makes no sense anymore, elections are now rituals used by incumbents to usurp power at any cost.

Republica; a beehive of activity in the midst of a rich history.

Being at the Republica did not only come as an opportunity for me to experience how other bloggers manage to have their opinions read and heard but also a chance to learn from fellow bloggers about a great deal of intolerance to voices of dissent exhibited by some governments.

Whitaker’s Inexpert Opinion on Africa should be rejected.

According to Whitaker when she was in government, she had explicit instructions to lobby African countries not to sign the Rome Statute. It seems she was not up to the task and largely failed in her job to lobby to the African countries because not just Uganda signed the Statute but a whole host of African countries.

Ooh Uganda, Ooh My Uganda Ooh Why us Ugandans?

I wish i could play back time and see what it was like to get Uganda from the colonialists. Ooh Uganda I wish i could play back time and see how the 1966 Lubiri attack was like. Ooh Uganda I wish i could play back time and see how 1980-1986 war was like where 500,000…

Can Dorcus Inzikuru Steeplechase to Parliament?

For now the Integrity of Dorcus Inzikuru is in the spotlight and we wait to see if she will deliver what she does not have, honesty. We will live to see how this plays out but as sure as night follows day, Dorcus Inzikuru may have set the stage for a protracted legal battle.