Political Parties are mere vehicles of people’s interests.

Political parties are mere vehicles of people’s interests and where leaders in these parties fail to appreciate these interests people will always break loose from the mainstream political vehicles to achieve their goals.

teamwork-382677_1920FDC, DP, UPC, NRM must understand that we can never be held hostage to their personal interests the people are stronger than these parties and this is the time to sound the bell. We will break loose if there is need to do so. Just like Bobi Wine said People Power is stronger than People in Power and that is true. Political parties through their grassroots must carry out research to understand what the people want. We must like the voice of the people be heard. 

This is a moment to think about the impossibilities clothed in military attire, armored trucks, gunship, guns and all manner of money that can be defeated if the people are united and overcome the fear that is paraded by the regime. We can take back our country without shooting bullets or be going to the bush.

Those in Parliament who are conspiring to change our constitution to retain Mr. Museveni in power for life must understand that we are watching that whether they do it without our consent, they will pay for the decisions they make now because they have a direct bearing on the future and the political stability of our country.

Parliament has become a den of thieves where Members of Parliament can never turn any emoluments in the name of cutting down the expenditure of public administration in the name of the people. People will never accept to used and violated for the survival of a group of 400 plus men and women. Uganda must get men and women are prepared to serve rather than a multitude that is interested in looting them yet they do not protect the mandate that was given to them by the people.

What is very important for Uganda now is to transit from gunmen mentality to people led democracy. The gunmen have never handed power back to the civilians. Our mandate has always been at gun point a challenge that we must overcome and this will take all of us working together as a country. There must be a transition of the sort and that will help us break the jinx of self-rule that has haunted our country since Independence.I

I want change to come because I love my country, I want change to come because we deserve better than what we have. I want change to come because my country has the resources to serve us all.


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