Yes, Museveni is right, he is tired.


I don’t want to go back to the bush to fight again. Don’t send me people who will disagree with me in parliament. I fought in 1986 and I am tired.

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, 8 May 2017, Daily Monitor, Budondo Primary School

Mr. Museveni is making a number of confessions to the People of Kagoma and Uganda in his campaign message for the NRM Candidate Moses Walyomu for the Position of Member of Parliament for Kagoma County in a by-election against the FDC Candidate Timothy Batuwa.

1. He confessed that even when people vote for their preferred candidate, he engages into underhand methods to satisfy his political ego of not being open to other political opinions. On February 18, 2016, he indeed went to back to the bush when he deployed more bullets than ballots in Kampala and Wakiso. As the electorate of Kampala and Wakiso were not given their constitutional right to vote for their preferred candidate there was a constitutional crisis already. Going to the bush is okay but doing anything illegal while in the bush is what our constitution does not allow.

2. Museveni knows we are in a multiparty system on paper though he directs as though we are in a one party system. His lack of tolerance for other views is a problem in itself for democracy in Uganda. But this is another truth that we know that he abhors political competition, in fact, he fears to put his policy issues to test with other people’s views, his option is to suffocate and crush just like what he recently did in Kamuli. The regime deployed more police officers and their militia than electoral commission officials on the ground.

3. It is a fact that Museveni led a 5-year guerrilla war in the jungles of Luwero where over 500,000 people died because Museveni and his friends wanted power. In 1980, Uganda was not in a sort of constitutional crisis the institutions of state were in place with a constitution that they would have used to argue in courts of law but they chose to pick guns not thinking about the lives to be lost.

4. Mr. Museveni is 72 years old according to him, the fact here is the whether he saying he is incapable of ruling a country and according to our constitutional he should have left in 2005 but went ahead to remove term limits from the position of President of Uganda and we have never recovered from the mistake that was made until today. Yes, Museveni is constitutionally tired and physically unable to be the Chief Executive of Uganda.

Thank you, Mr. Museveni, for all these facts.

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