Where Art Thou Benjamin and Frederick?

When Benjamin and Frederick went around this great nation men and women rejoiced
They rejoiced because they thought that the dawn long awaited for had come
Men and women, old and young from every corner of this nation assembled
Ye they spoke, bold and clear they were heard declaring what they prayed for
a nation where every citizen would free, ye to assemble, free to speak and associate

When Benjamin and Frederick went around this great nation men and women rejoiced
They rejoiced because they thought the day long awaited for had come
Ye come to pass that fear had been conquered over by truth and justice.
Ye men and women declared that power shall be in their hands to decide
To decide who to govern them, how they are governed and how long they shall be governed

When Benjamin and Frederick sojourned the dusty roads of this great nation men and women spoke
Ye they spoke with boldness and without fear they spoke their mind.
That all men and women shall freely participate in building a nation
Ye build a nation for all where everyone was equal before the law
Ye that all would look at each other as brothers and sisters
No man or woman would be above the law or the law would not be a respecter of persons.
These and many were engraved and sealed in our laws supreme and above all men and women

When Benjamin and Fredrick returned for they put bear what all men and women had said
For a book of the law was made that all might submit to it and so that we can have order in the land.
Ye all men and women swore to absorb and keep the law of the nation
And justice prevailed but for a short time peace was with us
Murmuring started amongst men and women because some had made themselves the law.
Ye deception was wrought in the hearts of some as they trampled upon the law in their feet for their benefit and their kindred
Ye they caused many to suffer and flee the land for safety.

Oh our safe guards of governance were waved for a man who had been at the helm for so long to remain.
The nation wept, mourned upon the death of rule of law the dark curtains had been drawn
The great work of the whole nation was good for naught, there was no light.
Lies, theft, plunder replaced truth, hard work and labouring.
Yeah an iron fist clothed in rule by the law was before the nation
Ye the voice of the people was suffocated and suppressed until this day as impunity reigns

When Benjamin and Frederick toiled for a great nation no one expected that misery and fear would reign again.
A nation in ruins because of vanity, ye vanity earthly possession.
Where art thou Benjamin and Fredrick when children of this land cry out for justice?
Where art thou priests, reverends, pastors, fathers and sheikhs when injustice is before the nation
Which side taketh thou? Art thou for justice? Whence doth peace come before justice?
For it might sound foolish to say that the resurrection cometh before death?
Where is thy wisdom in this? Oh Uganda wickedness is before thee, Oh Uganda injustice has covered thee. Who shall come and unite us against injustice?

Oh Kizza Besigye thou hast suffered, thou hast been tortured by those that are supposed to protected thee.

Thy persistence in thy fight against injustice stands above us.
Thy faith humbles us and they boldness shakes the enemies’ quarters
For they are angry but their anger shall consumed them into extinction.
Blessed be thou art Kizza Besigye for thy works shalt bring justice and freedom for all.


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