Can Dorcus Inzikuru Steeplechase to Parliament?

Saturday was a good day to wind up the week and as NRM aspirants thronged Plot Kyadondo road, returning their nomination forms to fortify their intentions to stand for various political offices on the NRM ticket in the forthcoming general elections. As fate would have it, Steeplechase Champion Dorcus Inzikuru jumped into the fray contending to represent the Youth from the Northern Region in the 10th Parliament.

Dorcus Inzikuru during the 3000m Steeplechase race.
Dorcus Inzikuru during the 3000m Steeplechase race.

Dorcus Inzikuru needs no introduction as far as athletics is concerned. Notably, Ugandans will always remember her as their darling girl who won a Gold medal after a long drought following the John Akibua (RIP) remarkable golden medal win in the 1972 Olypmics.  

Away from athletics, Inzikuru has opened a new page in her life, she wants to be a politician and is entitled to aspire for the same. Her campaign posters indicate that she is standing for Youth Development, Sports, Arts, Culture & Recreation, Gender Equality & Emancipation, Fighting Corruption, Enterprise Development and Finance as well as Science and Technology. That is quite a mouthful considering that those who have been there before her believe that 5 years is a very short time to cause deep-seated change but that is a story for another day.

It is true that in order to become a Politician in this our country you must craft enough lies to make promises that may never be fulfilled at all. Many a politician have promised bridges where there are no rivers all in the name of wooing voters. Certainly joining politics comes with its own challenges, such as public scrutiny dependent on the information that the contestant disseminates. Since Inzikuru’s age was not a secret, her critics had noticed the age limit barring her from contesting for the coveted Youth position claiming she was way above 30 years, a fact which would out rightly disqualify her from contesting for the position she seeks. Responding to the urge to silence her critics, on Saturday while answering the age question posed by NTV journalists, Inzikuru confirmed that having been born on 2nd February 1987, she was only 28 years of age.

It should be remembered that before Dorcus Inzikuru developed her political appetite she was first an athlete, a Steeplechase champion and her record and credentials are out there for the whole world to see. According to Wikipedia, Inzikuru was born on February 2, 1982 in Vurra, Arua District. Interestingly, the same information is confirmed by the Electoral Commission Voter Locator. For instance a casual search for (DORCUS INZIKURU D.O.B: 2 FEBRUARY 1982) as a voter would locate Dorcus Inzikuru and her corresponding details such as polling station. However, the Dorcus Inzikuru of 1987 does not exist in the Electoral Commission Register!

The case of Inzikuru is very unique and she becomes a person of interest because the younger generation needs to play above board, away from the lies of the Luweero Bush warriors who have told us lies regarding their personal information. Inzikuru’s case is special, it offers our generation a chance to scrutinise potential leaders that aspire to take up public office. In many areas in our country citizens have no time to scrutinise an aspirant, they just rush to the roadsides, raise placards , don Tshirts and sing campaign slogans upto the Polling day only to later realise that they have wasted so much resources on a leader who is rejected due to lack of qualifications.
Out of all victims that have been sent out of Parliament I have never heard the government asking for refund of monies paid to these fraudulent men and women that have entered the August house only to burden the tax payer upon being ejected from Parliament.

It is my job as a citizen of Uganda to probe any aspirant or candidate of my choice because it is my taxes that are going to pay this person’s emoluments. There is no doubt that leaders should be accountable to the electorate especially since the constitution mandates the electorate to determine the kind of leaders they want. For now the Integrity of Dorcus Inzikuru is in the spotlight and we wait to see if she will deliver what she does not have, honesty. We will live to see how this plays out but as sure as night follows day, Dorcus Inzikuru may have set the stage for a protracted legal battle.


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