What makes a birthday worth celebrating?

À birthday is a special day if recognized and celebrated by friends, work-mates and acquaintances. What makes it worth and an emotional event, is when it is a surprise attack on you. The gist here is to know that you are remembered and loved by those around you. To all of you that were born this day i say happy birthday and God bless you with more years to live and be lovable.

A  birthday comes once a year, i have never seen a human that has two birthdays. While talking to my friend he said; “i once dated a young lady who made me celebrate her birthday twice in one year.” Why would some want to celebrate their birthdays on two separate dates? Is it about the pomp that comes with the celebrations? Is it being dishonest to those around you?

Your friends are the only resources that you can exchange for anything or for any currency in the world. When i was growing up in the streets of Jinja all I had was my friend and the ball i like kicking. So your friends and loved ones are the only ones that will make this special day even more existing and memorable. I believe that we can make these moments unforgettable and lasting as friends.

A birthday celebration is a time to reflect and be thankful to Heavenly Father for the gift of life, friends, family and all you have. There is no other opportunity than having a me time on your birthday to say a prayer of gratitude for all you got. You don’t have to wait until your birthday to be on a Sunday. Say a prayer and everything will be okay.

Happy Birthday to all my friends and loved on their special day whenever it will happen.


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