Much Anticipated Club Mega Fest turned into Mega Fist at Namboole.

Revelers came out in bigger numbers to watch their favorites artistes.
Revelers came out in bigger numbers to watch their favorites artistes.

The highly advertised and much anticipated Club Mega Fest turned out to be the highest sham of the year. As revellers seemed to be excited to Khona with Mafikizolo they were treated to Mega Kadongo Kamu stars ranging from one to another.

First of all, Club beer must have procured an amateur at Events Management and execution. This is because the stage was nothing to write home about. I kept seeing the Fenon logo and advert where they were boasting of how good they are in events management. Whatever happened that evening, their goodness must have vanished the minute the organizers discovered that the Koona stars were not going to perform that show. For Fenon records to allow its brand to be associated with such mediocrity points to more than meets the eye.


There are various Sound systems service providers in Uganda and when you chose Fenon records, you get a nod for choosing quality. That was until last Saturday night.Something called sound musically writing did not seem to have gotten transport to Namboole. That was the first thing I noticed right after I graced the Stadium.

Their Public Address system made a lot of noise that you would rather listen to bees buzzing than the excuse of noise that was bleating out of Namboole. On account of poor sound, the organizers really did not do the show goersany good.  Trust some of our local artistes to act unconcerned. They couldnot mind that glitch and for them it was business as usual, or a matter of touching base with a familiar setting. Sound has been one of the biting hiccups in our music industry. Any serious artiste will not perform when there is poor quality of sound for fear of being misunderstood.

Artiste Line up/Manifest

Palaso bends Sheeba Over during their performance.
Palaso bends Sheeba Over during their performance.

A Line –up of Ugandan musicians had been put together to keep the crowd entertained. From the likes of Jose Chameleon, Bebe Cool, Shebah, Maro,Pallaso Golden Band, Cindy, the night seemed to be an exciting one since there was going to be more in store from Shaggy, Burnaboy, Patra and Mafikizolo.

As the event went on and the evening grew older the MCs of the night changed my mind about the exciting night.In my opinion, you cannot come from a high tempo afro beat artiste to another one slowing down the tempo likeMesachSemakula who appeared to be in sleeping costumes. You could think he walked onto the stage right from his bed, and that speaks volumes at to the nature of seriousness some musicians take themselves and their career.

On the contrary, Ronald Mayinja understood the moment and the audience. He never carried it on and on. He read the signs and knew when to bow off the stage. Then came Uganda’s Number one Entertainer Ragga Dee who performed and overstayed his welcome. Ragge Dee’s performance should have come with  a warning of him overstaying and pushing his music down our throats. If we had been warned we would have known better than to listen to a whole bunch of noise. Whether this was because the last time he held a concert it was a total flop, and he wanted to sooth his ego by performing to a crowd, your guess is as good as mine. Interestingly, the audience had to do an Arab Spring on him so as to leave the stage. Ragga Dee must have understood that the Mafikizolo was not coming to perform so he killed the time off for the organizers.  Many other local artistes featured and for me they performed well like Sheba and Palaso, Dr.Hildreman, etc.

Lady Patra at 41 Years Can Still Go Paka Chini.
Shaggy: The Ladies Man.
Shaggy: The Ladies Man.

Away from the local artistes, came the Queen of the Park, lady Patra who did her globally known songs such as Workerman and Romantic Call. Trust me the majority of the revellers were too young to have known her songs. So she got bored and cut her performance.Now that is a musician who reads the signs unlike Ragga Dee. Surprisingly the Nigerian Burna Boy never burnt anyone. He only received an ovation for his signature song that the audience danced to until his pair of cheap jeans decided to end their life on the stage. To put it mildly, Burnaboy just came to Uganda to burn his jeans. I guess he was putting on Lee or Shave Wave Jeans. Shaggy obviously never disappoints, he played all his new and old songs for the audience that danced until they got tired. The only shocker was the Mafikizolono show yet they checked in backstage.


Every event is declared successful when the revelers and their property are safe. Even during the adverts that were ran to advertise the show, security was stated to be guaranteed. In the wake of terror alerts and the call for citizen vigilance, this was a deciding factor as to whether revellers would brave the cold Namboole nightsfor the supposed show of the year.

But alas the Mega Feast turned into a Mega Fist. The ordinary arena became a battle field, an area where only the strong would survive. There was organized and disorganized crime. A Mobile telephone orhand bagwould be snatched in a whisker. Just like a concerned citizen, I walked to some of the Police officers on duty and informed them about the Mega Theft that was going on as they stood to enjoy the show.Just like in the movies, Police arrived late, but later on the Anti-terrorism squad, a separate unit in the Police Force netted one of the thugs who was beaten to pulp.


An event is successful only if the fan experience is not characterized with inconveniences as they go about enjoying their fun. For a show presumably bankrolled by Nile Breweries and organised by Fenon records, the stakes were so high. But I want to say that Nile Breweries Limited and Fenon Records scored zero at their show in terms of Hospitality. Places of convenience are a must have especially when you are gathering a mammoth crowd. In fact I expected to find a number of Mobi-lets to accommodate the big numbers that turned up at Namboole. To my dismay, one had to fight their way intothe washrooms yet there was no running water until much later.

The Beer stands lacked lights. It seems there was no need to know the beer that you were buying and how much money you had to part with. Otherwise if there was, none of this would have happened. The cost of a beer was acting like a Uganda Shilling to a US dollar indeed, it was unpredictable.

There are many things that can be written able the Mega Fist, but lots of you have comments about it show you can share with me.

Mafikizolo No show

Mafikizolo: NO SHOW!!!
Mafikizolo: NO SHOW!!!

Mafikizolo was advertised as the one of the International Artists to grace the show. Their music is widely enjoyed in Uganda by the youth, who largely attended the event. Their presence in Uganda had already been confirmed on Television so there was no reason to doubt their action. One can even say that Mafikizolo was the major crowd attraction. When the crowning hour came, the hour that everyone was waiting for, the highlight of the night turned into the low moment.

Regrettably, Mafikizolo did not perform on the highly advertised date and time. Club went down as having failed to deliver, to the Mafikizolo fans, on a night when everything else was a mess. I am plainly sure as noon day that if Club ever brings other artistes they will find it hard to get in bodies in their events.

I want conclude by saying that the Namboole Club was a so Mega Rip off for Ugandans. Who does that? Adverts artistes and do a no show?


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