The Road to 2016: Rag Tagged with Potholes in the dusty rural Uganda.

Battle Lines Drawn: Between Hon. Amama Mbabazi and his former Boss Yoweri Museveni.

To many he was known as Museveni’s blue eyed and trusted cadre and others called him Mr. Clean or Super Minister! You might not like Amama Mbabazi’s arrogance and way of doing things, but the man from Kigezi is a good orator, gentleman and an expert at holding what people refer to as tough times. You can lay on Amama Mbabazi’s acumen with a trowel but you cannot mince words when it comes to his handling government business in the August house.

Many will be shocked at the way he will handle this moment and like to some of us it did not come as a shock to him. JPAM as he is fondly known is very efficient at what he does. I have seen him get accused in so many scandalous deals, but when the birds came home there was no evidence that anyone could point at to bring him down. I have seen Amama Mbabazi handle situations hard for anyone to get out of, but he comes out of them unscathed. He has managed to let fellow Members of Parliament shout to the roof of the house, call him all sorts of names, but when JPAM takes to the floor of Parliament, there is a certain calmness that takes over the moment. To the outsider just viewing from the television, one sees Amama Mbabazi reducing his adversaries to mere naught.

His statements, phrases and utterances are not rushed, but calculated for maximum effect. To some of us who scrutinize every bit of the words used in statements made by politicians, we see a hidden mystery that many cannot see. JPAM after the Kyankwanzi Resolution that reduced NRM MPs to, but just school children, exhibited all the qualities of a good leader.

Another instance that tested JPAM’s patience and resolve was the alleged bickering with the Speaker of Parliament of Uganda. The rumour monger mill was rife with accusations and counter accusations pitting the lady Speaker against the Leader of Government business owing to succession struggles. JPAM simply silenced his critics when he had a dance with the lady speaker and they shared a Kodak moment at one of the Parliamentary ceremonies.  The picture made rounds on social media platforms leaving critics eating humble pie.

The man can never wear his heart on his shirt sleeves; he knows how to draw attention when necessary. You cannot compare him with the other lot that caused dust using their monster vehicles while traversing the whole country with envelopes, promising gifts left, right, beneath and centre to the people of Uganda but coming short on delivery.

Harbouring Presidential ambitions is not a crime! JPAM roared in his calmness while media pundits grabbed their notes and pens to jot a point and many assumed all sorts of fashion in statements. Headlines screamed, but looks like that sent the man from Rwakitura to exceedingly incontrollable rage. His journeys across the country seemed to be met with rage from a section of young Ugandans and seriously if you are one why not get tired of seeing one face hanged in public offices wherever you go as if the rest of us are but just retards.

Back to the point looks like M7 as you may call him, was defrauded by his own MPs who sang and knelt for him to stay on holding the mantle as they giggled, dinned and wined with their old man with a hat or call him Mzee. To me Mzee is a title that seems to bind other people’s opinions and point of view. In the African society, you cannot be seen to disagree with an Old man. What the NRM kneeling group have not realised is that it is very dangerous for their organization if there is only one man at its helm. What if he gets incapacitated? What will he do about the chaos that might follow an abrupt positioning of any other personalities?

Amama Mbabazi’s continued stay in the headlines and with the so called ‘My people’ as M7 calls them has angered his boss’ intolerant nerves that we have seen since 1986. You might be having your own opinion but Amama Mbabazi’s way of handling his appetite for power has worked M7 now more than ever before. The people of Kinkizi West did hasten JPAM’s going out of M7’s cabinet. The words as quoted in the dailies seemed to have accelerated M7’s intolerant nerves. Anger seems to have taken over his reasoning and hence this judgment of appointing JPAM’s former business partner and friend Ndugu Ruhakana Rugunda.

I think it is pretty disrespectful for a man to cast you as chaff for over 30 years when you are referring to him as Boss. I would not work for someone for over 20 years without developing feelings of taking over his job, otherwise that makes me a character that is not ambitious and without innovation. He went with many to the bush they sang for him as they went, still sing for him as he plays the boss role all his life.

The time is now or never for JPAM to exploit his potential and reach for the political horizon. It seems to me that age is creeping up on his back and the Constitutional age limit, unless done away with, might deter his presidential bid in later times. As we wait for his response, it is politically right to assume that he needs to be covering his tracks and keeping his cards close to his chest.

The escort cars will soon be no more and so traffic jam waits for you my friend JPAM, brace yourself for it. For this and more rot that you will realise soon enough, I say welcome to the real country called Uganda. In the meantime allow me to say that the road to 2016 has officially been paved with rag tagged potholes to the dusty roads in the rural Uganda.

In the midst of all this, I am reminded that in the Holy book that although Moses delivered the children of Israel from Egypt and wilderness, he went through trials and tribulations with the Israelites, the plagues, the frogs, the locusts, the snakes he waded off, the drought and famine and many other trials he had to guide the Israelites through, he never reached the promised land of Canaan. Could JPAM be the modern day Moses?


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