Why Kenzo needed to understand the Parrot in Kasuku.

Eddy Kenzo - The Sitya Loss Star
Eddy Kenzo – The Sitya Loss Star

My eyes had been plodded on my small Television set at exactly 10:00pm. This was prompted by those Bukedde TV headlines that point all of us to that hour of dustless news.  I never change from Hala Gorani’s show on The World Right Now on CNN. However, Thursday evening was different. I had to be in class lest I miss a world class Press Conference of new Kungu-fu tactics brought straight from Hollywood movies. It is true Kasuku fell down like those Nollywood movie characters and our Eddie Kenzo at least exhibited the Black American fighting tactics he learnt while on his tour of the United States of America. Eddy Kenzo just gave Golola Moses of Uganda a run for his money by knocking out his opponent in a matter of seconds!

Nevertheless, what everyone is missing out on these two Ugandans is firstly that one of the parties to the fight is known as Eddy Kenzo, a Ghetto boy cum star whose recent music projects have catapulted to stardom and worldwide recognition. While many have always criticized him for his poor command of the English language, he on the other hand brags to have represented Uganda in twenty countries, none of which have luganda as a national language. In other words, he speaks English when it matters, when on the international stage and it matters not how fluent he is, well that is according to him.

For his courage and determination to battle all odds, to become a star, Kenzo is a role model to many young people. The lesson you learn from his ghetto to stardom story is that no matter where you come from, your social class does not determine your future, but the potential in you and how choose to unlock it matters anyway.

Kasuku The Parrot on the Mic.
Kasuku The Parrot on the Mic.

The second thing to look out for in this story is that the other person in the picture is known as Kasuku and in the Queen’s Language that is a Parrot. We all know Parrots are not easy pets. They are not like dogs or cats. They like to bite. They like to scream. They don’t understand us or especially want to please us. They are wild birds that just happen to live with us. They are definitely not for everyone. Something that was overlooked before this impromptu fight was to understand the nature of the beaten Kasuku!

The other thing that you have to know about Parrots is that they tend to yap all the time without shutting up. That is why you probably heard Eddie Kenzo pleading with Kasuku to listen as I heard and saw him in the video on Bukedde TV. A parrot (Kasuku) will never mind those around you as long as it screams over and over again. Therefore it is very important to know who you are dealing with whenever you are arguing, debating and talking. This would spare a lot of your energy and valuable time.

Calling a Press Conference is a professional way to break news to the waiting public. The idea of calling a press conference was excellent especially for Kenzo who has been on the long US tour. It was an opportune moment for him to relay his experience, and also introduce his upcoming music concert. In such moments you do not need a Parrot to grace it otherwise it will contaminate your news and divert your course.

Most parrots are dustier than others so you need an air cleanser close to you. An organized management company handling Kenzo’s brand would have known better and prepared for who should attend this press conference. This would serve to execute the agenda to the letter and to achieve positive results. This is where invitations to Press conferences come in handy.

The Choice of venue is also very crucial. A more affluent environment would not have entertained a parrot. By choosing a dusty environment you only give leeway to the parrot to soar in its comfort zone.

Most importantly, it is a cardinal sin to hit a Parrot. Once you lose its trust, it takes a lot of hard work to get it back. Parrots have long memories and hitting them is like a licence for them to yap the more in expression of their disappointment. This is why you have heard that Kasuku is all over the place on TV grabbing more attention than Kenzo who deserves to be telling Ugandans about his tour and what he has in store for them.

Shouting is to a Parrot the way singing is to a musician. A parrot shouts for fun. This is something that we ought to know about Kasuku. He is paid to shout, make fun of others and when you engage with him, and stoop to his level, then you have given him a lot in content and you have just set cameras rolling on him.

The bottom line is that there are better ways to deal with parrot-like characters and their provocation. All you got to do is ignore them, and they will vanish like vapour in the air. Like the Holy book says in James 4:7 “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”


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