English FA Plan on non-European Players is an Opportunity for Africa.

Shawn Mubiru - Shawn Diaries Consults
Shawn Mubiru – Shawn Diaries Consults MD

I have read with amazement to the responses coming from Ugandans English Premiership League citing racism as one of the reason why the FA is cutting down on the numbers of non-European Players in the league, I am surprised that even after the reasons are provided for in the 10 man report our fellow African brothers cite racism, I think that is hogwash and alarmist.

The English FA will not be the first to put limits on the number of players to grace their league, but all this happens elsewhere including Spain, South Africa, Egypt, German and Asian Federations. As an African who loves football I think that this is an opportunity for African to shine and grow its own brand of football. It is time for African Football Federations and governments to look at football as business rather than just a sporting discipline meant for passing time.

We have seen many African players becoming rich men in million in pounds because of kicking a ball as many may call week in week out but get to earn and have bank accounts bigger than many economies in Africa.

All that English is saying is that they need more playing time for their home players, that is what African players need too, but the only way to do it is by creating a professional league on the African continent not one but even to the tune of three.

I think the continents of Africa, Asia and Americas are the targeted ones and it is time to think for a contingency before it is too late for all the talent these continents are having. This is a lifeline for other football leagues to grow in Africa, US and Asia. As other leagues open up on the three continents to the same standard of EPL, this will also affect their market of fans across the three continents.

Many comments cite racism, but I differ from that set of reasoning. What are they discriminating you from? If they are cutting down to two players will those players still be Europeans? No! And that is what they want as a league to giving more games and time to their players. I think we should concentrate on growing what is our own than spend so much time embracing what is not ours.

As football fans on the African continent are furious I would expect the sober ones to think of this moment as a wake-up call rather than a racial decision that the FA will take in making their league more English than it has been. It is important we start looking at what we have as Africans and how we can embrace what’s ours than spend resources and time promoting and enjoying what is not ours.

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