Plot to flush out Magogo leaks.

FUFA President: Moses Magogo
FUFA President: Moses Magogo

As the National team comes back from South Africa where the Cranes were ejected out of CHAN, the football wrangles will refresh their page for more drama, there is a silent campaign to have Moses Magogo be forced out and the plot has leaked to Reading Reason today; it is believed that Roger Mulindwa’s threat has finally been put to action. After Rogers Mulindwa’s voluntary walk out on FUFA President Moses Magogo, his position was filled in a flash. It is rumoured that more FUFA executive members have threatened to leave Moses Magogo to work alone in his presidency at FUFA House in Mengo. Before this rumour had settled in our ears, another one came flying in with digital wings; employees at Mengo have also vowed to lead out on the Engineer.

From our sources, we have heard that the one Jeff Sserunjoji is busy collecting delegates’ signatures and thumb prints for those who cannot use pens to throw Magogo out of Mengo. If this is to happen Magogo would have inked a record for himself in football administration in Uganda, he will be Yusuf Lule of Football in Uganda. If these signatures are collected, they will be handed to the FUFA CEO Edgar Watson who will be tasked to convene an extraordinary general assembly that will rain in a vote of no confidence on Moses Magogo’s presidency as the FUFA Boss.

The football wrangles have not come to an end until major challenges are resolved and in some of these include institution building and understanding the real problem of Ugandan football. For now you have to feel for Airtel Uganda the official Uganda Cranes Sponsor who has been pull in the mud at FUFA House.

The embattled FUFA President has called a Press conference tomorrow in which he will address the media on a number of issues including the allegations of Rogers Mulindwa and the tension at FUFA House Mengo. Quoting from his official Facebook account he said;

“Dear Colleagues, it feels nice being back home after a long time. I will address a Press Conference tomorrow at the return of the Uganda Cranes. However allow me thank all Ugandans for the contribution to the most beautiful game.”

Reading Reason will be attentive to make sure you get what comes from Mengo.


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