Nepotism just like corruption is cancerous.


God created us equal though with different and unique skill set we are meant to compliment each other.

In Uganda, it is different some people get jobs because they are related to those in power, a notion that erases the concept of equality and opportunity for all.

We must be honest and shameful to ourselves I mean those who practice nepotism, corruption is cancerous it disfranchises service delivery not only to the poor but the rich as well.

Just like corruption, nepotism is cancerous, it takes away opportunity from those who qualify and puts it in the hands of those who are less qualified. This is dangerous to those who are looking for quality services. It is cancerous, because it builds and creates anger within those who are disfranchised from the opportunity to compete on a level ground.

Remaining silent about the practice of nepotism is a choice that shouldn’t be taken. It is an idea that each of us should stand up to address and shun from amongst us.

We are a children of this great nation whatever opportunity there is, should come to all not to a select few. Let us practice a concept of opportunity for all and encourage the spirit of competitiveness within us, and all the children of this nation.

Then when we practice equality the sun shall shine before us and bring peace to all.

And we shall all say in unison ” FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY.”


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