Uganda’s elite hide heads in the sand away from reality.

Something that baffles me is that some of our elite tend to hide heads in the sand away from reality that has shade a dark cloud before us, when they sip in one or two of their favorite liquids, they tend to forget or pretend all is well. And this is the type of elitism that we are suffering from. The one that just only focuses only on their pots. The one that is so comfortable in a country that is faced with so much poverty, and is not a sense of pride but a sign of selfishness.

We live in a country where the section of the elite want to see a road but rather not know how much it costs. This elitist tendency of wanting to see results where accountability is shoved doesn’t conform to the principles of leadership and governance. While as all systems have crumbled, but a section of a cunning organization gang continues to sound bells of everything is okay is a sign of selfishness men and women.

We live in a country where some kids are more equal than others, where many are privileged to acquire their education under a tree, when their teachers proudly wake up daily with tattered trousers and on top of it a torn collar of long worn shirts and dresses. Where their administrators squander fruits of their labors and heap gifts of threats at them when they question. Many of these children walk long journeys to chase a dream far away that is hidden in a puzzle called Universal Primary or Secondary Education.

The elitism that we suffer from, is that some selfish men commission surveys that paint a rosy beautiful picture to the donors community that cast a dark cloud over the future of a nation. The elitism we suffer from is a society of proud English speaking men and women who have chosen the cool life but totally disregarded their neighbors. If indeed we are patriotic enough why not cast out those who steals from our taxes but the elite calls anti corruption campaigns such as #BlackMondayMovement a political tool, many have fought it and ended up condemning more Ugandans more poverty and distress.

Uganda suffers from a long journey of promises propelled by very organized group of thieves who call themselves elites. The so called elite class is sinking a nation with so much potential, yet being short sighted about where it all will lead to. I have never seen a survey that talks about why a spark of a peaceful protest turns out to be a heavy demonstration in Kampala. The elite have never talked about this and i know they have the reason hidden in their hearts, but choose to go silent about it. The day hope will come home and a Ugandans is protected in his own country calm will be at large.

In our long known verses in promises of yet to be developed Uganda lies a famous phrase; “Agriculture is the back bone of our economy.” I have no idea if all beloved our budgets have ever supported that commonly read line since 1986 to date. How can you be so proud a leader of a nation to buy all manner of guns when the people you preside over are hungry and begging day in day out. What kind of leadership treasures weapons of war than preserving a generation of healthy and wealthy Ugandans. A nation that is at peace with neighbors will always be confident and secure.

This generation of 1986 elites and their friends and families have made enemies with neighbors and as well as at home. Where can a man who has offended his family, friends and neighbors seek refuge? The easiest of the answers is nowhere. We live in an era where men and women have accepted corruption, theft, mischief, dictatorship and manner of unfairness has taken the place of justice, good morals and good governance. Where systems have been crumbled and replaced with individualism.

I have always said; it is totally different from attending school and being learned because education is light and breeds success. Education doesn’t train anyone to become selfish but to do good among mankind. The day our elites will see beyond their pay checks Uganda will indeed prosper and it will be a turning point of our future.




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