Inside Rukungiri Politics: The battle for T-shirts, but who is the winner?


Rukungiri is a home town of Dr. Kizza Besigye; his people have stood with him in thick and thin. If you want to say they have not betrayed him at any given moment that is the better one to describe their allegiance to their son. Back then, when the regime wanted to court martial him, they spent their hard-earned money when they traveled in buses to Kampala to stand with him and stop Mr. Museveni from doing it. Indeed they were the winners because he was not court martial-ed.

The support of FDC in this district is unwavering, and the numbers of elected leaders that subscribe to Forum for Democratic Change are the majority, while in Mbale at Hon. Nathan Nandala Mafabi’s thanksgiving in 2012, Dr. Kizza Besigye said; “I am safe and happy here even in Rukungiri NRM is on the opposition.”

The cat and mouse game in Rukungiri shows that NRM is troubled and heartbroken at the support that people give FDC, the trips that have been made by the President and his group are evident and the arraignment of those who have crossed from FDC to NRM tend to be the headlines in all media houses and I am waiting to see what our media will carry in their dailies. But this has turned out to be a battle of T-shirts. What comes to my mind is this question if the regime that won with the majority vote is too desperate to play ball of this kind ball, why then play games of parading their own to show that many have shifted base? This show you that they are aware things are not okay. But what i have not seen are the FDC T-shirts arraigned before Mr. Museveni all i saw were men in suits only and jumping up high in the air. How sure is Mr. Museveni that he is receiving the same people from districts as intelligence seems to tell us.

Logic can only be fair, what has changed in the lives of the people of Rukungiri to the point that they can shift base? The answer is indeed nothing! The mind blogging politics of parading T-shirts is indeed an interesting one because it is a good view to the eye. But are those who are parading the T-shirts doing it because they are appreciating the message, or because they are disappointed that a certain group among their cohorts ate even the little they were supposed to share from the patronage of the regime? The message must be simplified that even the least in reading or understanding the level at which the country has been mismanaged can comprehend at the sound of the bell at the day of reckoning.

The political opposition needs to appreciate the level of poverty our people are swimming into and it is their duty to diverse means in which they can penetrate the regime patronage systems that are built to confuse and starve people with information that showcases the theft in this government. The rural Ugandans must be educated that Rukungiri- Kisoro road is not a gift, but a service that comes from the taxes they contribute every day, so they deserve it. So when not rendered it is within their rights to demand for it. Our people need to learn that a vote bought means they will not be medicine in the health centers and teachers will not be paid then their children will be out of school. The message is the most important tool and the T-shirts can come as an icing on the cake. FDC can easily be audited in the battle for arraigning T-shirts because they have evidence.


If the game continues of arraigning Blue and Yellow T-shirts, it will not be different from a cat and mouse chase on a village path. But the credit goes to FDC that is giving the ruling regime sleepless nights and endless trips to Rukungiri, these trips are mouthwatering I wish the locals can eat and spare the vote for FDC like they have been doing. I want to say that the battle of T-shirts is such an interesting one that I don’t want miss. I am waiting to see what NRM will do about this white wash that has been done by Dr. Kizza Besigye in his home town.


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