The tale of a brave journalist on Bukanga By-elections.


Bukanga might have been ignored by our media houses but one female journalist was there to see all the developments and just like it is in Kampala, the people of Bukanga got their equal share of the roguishness that comes with electoral violence, they got a gift of beating. Of course the Kigundu electoral commission will report and record a free and fair election done just like they have done in the past their job lies in ticking boxes. Below here is the tale of a brave journalist on Bukanga by-elections.

…there’s a war going on here in Bukanga,” her audibly shaken voice whispered. My reflex questions came out a tad tougher than I intended: “are you safe? Where are you?

at this rate, there’s no need for Nathan’s polling agents to do any counting, tallying or reporting to the final tallying centre at the district…he has lost…two of his polling agents have been arrested and brutally beaten; my battery is low and has been warning all evening…so before it goes off, I called to tell you to check your email for the details of what has happened here. Sula bulungi (good night)!

Below is the email (her name has been omitted for security reasons).

Today, I counted up to three trucks of soldiers who were ferried here to vote for Stephen Kangwagye.

Meanwhile, I have never seen so much money in my life. These things of sacks are true. Soldiers from the Special Forces are here handing out money to dumbstruck villagers. One man knelt down and pronounced endless blessings upon the soldier who gave him a five thousand shillings note.

But the most dangerous hours today were between the mid-morning and late afternoon when voting was at its highest:

As happened on Sunday, but with more ferocity, the army, Special Forces and regular Police forcefully conducted searches in people’s houses (and broke into those whose owners refused). Indiscriminate beating has been the order of the day here.

The unexplained house searches have continued.

A heavily expectant woman is among the many (including children) who were arrested and literally thrown onto the back of one of the many Police trucks pick-ups that were on patrol.

One gu-man from State House saw me and said “iwe, toli owitu?” I hope I have spelt it write but I couldn’t tell him that I am not a Munyankole lest he becomes suspicious so I pretended and went to him. I feigned a phone call and left that polling station.

Excuse my jumbled up email but I hope that it gives you a picture of what’s happening.

I think I will return to Kampala tomorrow.

After reading this, i can surely tell where this country is headed and this cannot be reversed but remedies on minimizing the outcomes should start now. It is indeed a dark future of terror that is headed for us all.


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