BREAKING NEWS: The Authority Chambers at KCCA have been broken into.

Kampala Capital City Authority Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago
Kampala Capital City Authority Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago

Following Lord Lukwago’s Judicial review on the tribunal judgment that was submitted to the High Court has sent many into panic.

The Authority chambers are part of the Lord Mayor’s office and this means that they are in control of his office. In order for anyone to access them, they must seek the consent and authority of the Lord Mayor.

News coming in indicates that the Lord Mayor’s adversaries have used unlawful means to access the chambers. Yes! They have broken into the Authority chambers because they want to throw him out of office as early as Monday at 9:00am. This is so because the hearing of the judicial review will take place on Monday. Initially their meeting had been scheduled for Monday at 11:00am but hearing that the court session was going to be held at 9:00am they have moved to hasten their moves including breaking into the chambers because they cannot go to the Lord Mayor and ask for the keys.

If Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago’s adversaries can engage in such activities that are illegal, how sure are we that they have not been engaging in the same kind of means to falsify activities in order to do many other things that are not legal for their benefit.


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  1. Julius says:

    I greet you my brother and appreciate your information. I would like to inform you that our city needs development, many politicians came to the mayorship seat and nothing was done. Everyone reap what he/she sow. Gal 6:7-8. We no one is perfect but instead of posting these messages why can’t you try to see ways of joining the people, fight for peace not disasters. Eight to see that lord mayor can meet with councilors and say sorry for who ever he knows that wronged and start a new journey. God will judge, and that will bring cooperation . If get time read philippians 2:1-20. Thank i wish the best


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