An indolent society is good for a Musevenocracy.

Uganda’s problem is in the quality of the people; We have a population that is lazy to read, research but quick to jump on band wagons. I have seen, read the report of ‪‎KCCA‬ Tribunal. But the whole report seems not to answer the real questions Erias Lukwago the Lord Mayor is asking. And behind Lukwago there are many other Lukwago asking the same questions so throwing Lukwago under the bus will not answer those questions but breed a monster that will send many KCCA employee in the gallows of Luzira due to the real abuse of office and theft. The earlier the better we need to institute these mechanisms in place rather than using excuses and covering up for the technical wing. If NRM campaigned telling Ugandans that it emphasizes Zero Tolerance to corruption then why are they finding it a problem to fully instituted the authority as required by law?

Tell me of a competent manager that hates transparency and accountability and i will tell that one is a thief.

The problem in KCCA is not what Lukwago wants as a person, but what the institution of KCCA needs. As a citizenry, we should appreciate the fact that all our systems should be transparent no matter an angel is appointed as ED. Human influence at the end of the day overrides systems and in order to curb those frailties the act provides for checks and balances under the Public Accounts Committee that was appointed by Lukwago, but the Minister of Kampala rejected to give them the instruments of power to carry out their work. How is it possible for money being spent, but no one can be able to find out the value for money in all these grass, flower planting, roundabout constructions, etc.

Our institutions through all levels of leadership have been crushed by one man Mr. Yoweri Museveni who probably takes himself as the Chief LC1 Chairman of Uganda, LC3 Chairman, Mayor, MP and Chief Minister. What this means is that we do not have a democracy in Uganda, but we have accepted a one person system called Musevenocracy to take the lead and end of everything. It is such a pity to find a man in the name of the President of Uganda unveiling a parking yard of Parliament and taps this means that he does not trust himself and his team. An indolent society is good for a Musevenocracy.

The battle at KCCA is entirely a political manipulation and i fault the electorate of Kampala; how can you elect Councillors to KCCA who can be easily manipulated by money rather than use their power to have policies drawn in council and have the technical wing implement them? Many Councillors do not know their duties in the authority. Kampala electorates betrayed the whole country how can you elect Councillors who cannot read simple English and comprehend simple guidelines. The problem at KCCA is being brewed by the fact that those who are supposed to protect the interests of the people are busy discovering their own interests but they don’t know what to do.

I drown in tears every time i see grown up men and women in age flocking and thronging State House for favors growing the Musevenocracy each day, this is done because many have been blinded to the extent that they know not a future of Uganda without this man Musevenocracy. These men and women have sold out the mandate of those who entrusted them and subjected them to slavery in their own country. The Uganda without that personalized system is nigh and we need to start defending our rights starting from this Lord Mayor mandate that was given to Mr. Lukwago. A man who appreciates not in diversity of opinion is no leader but a mere ruler.


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