Erias Lukwago’s sabotage to theft and plunder in KCCA is his crime.

Kampala Capital City Authority Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago
Kampala Capital City Authority Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago

My friend Rwakakamba Morrison is struggling to see sense from nonsense in his recent lamentation and attacks on his Lordship Erias Lukwago he terms it as a “Taking the Path of SABOTAGE.” Unless words have lost their real meaning how Lukwago has sabotaged KCCA programs cannot be explained his long scribbles, my young friend is betraying his conscience, but he can take time to step away from shadows of mere spin and know the truth, Lukwago’s sins are calling for the following issues to be put in place;

1. Metropolitan Planning Authority
2. Public Accounts Committee
3. Interests of the people of Kampala.

While Mr. Lukwago was campaigning in Kampala, he never promised to work without the law, but within the legislated laws in the KCCA Act. Mr. Lukwago never promised to drive people out of Kampala, he believes that before evicting a man or woman his or her government must be fully prepared to show them the alternative of where they are going to transact their business as residents of Kampala. NRM prides itself in running the show without accountability mechanisms which have helped them to steal from Ugandans and all Lukwago is saying look folks we need accountability systems in place. It is only in the mind of a person who cherishes not openness would only see Lukwago as a stumbling block. I would agree with my friend that Lukwago is a sabotage to theft and plunder in KCCA.

I am not shocked by the way most elites acquire their riches in Uganda; it is either through manipulation and theft. This country is choking on the sticky fingers of technocrats who are NRM cadres that are cracking deals night and day. They are the ones that are saying we need a modern first world city. I would say this; it is a little bit of rural excitement within them to over wish that Kampala can be first world city, Tanzania had to build another city from Dare salaam and Nigeria did the same; we can only tell our over excited folks that we can build a first world class city but not transforming this Kampala that is choking on sewerage and lack of drainage systems.

My friend Morrison needs to know that the day meetings were sabotaged in KCCA was when their saintly lady Jenny was called to delivered performance reports and account for taxpayer’s money Read The New Vision – . As a conduit of plunder and theft in the central business authority she would not have come out to reveal their dirty secrets before Lukwago who wanted accountability from them.

No one including the newly appointed Presidential Assistant has the moral authority to question Mr. Lukwago on moral grounds, especially when he works under an immoral system of NRM that is surrounded with all manner of corruption, scams that have devoured taxpayer’s money in major loots. Telling Mr. Lukwago to apologize is like telling the people of Uganda to apologize before the Office of Prime Minister after their taxes were used as a ransom in cleansing the sins of NRM that stole from them indirectly through donor funds. Mr. Lukwago has done nothing wrong to the people of Kampala, because the electorate in his constituency has never petitioned against him.

NRM and its non-accommodative leaders have gone on record for failing to respect diversity in political shade and opinion; they will be on record for abusing the law and their own KCCA Act in the name of taking Kampala by all unnecessary means.
Mr. Rwakakamba thinks that he has the power to abuse the people of Uganda and label all sorts of bad manners on them like spitting, picking their teeth etc. What difference is he from Tarsis Kabwegyere who in his wisdom as a minister in the same undemocratic machinery of NRM saw them fit to eat mangoes than food? This level of disrespect must be dealt with and this excitement is a shock to me.

My friend needs to know that in the KCCA Act it is not Mr. Lukwago’s duty to nurture etiquette and habits. We come from homes and we have been instructed about values that a man or woman must have in order to be successful and respect. But if my friend chose to write about habits then why not start with the habit of stealing from the taxpayer and this is what Mr. Lukwago wants to be addressed reduce on your theft tendencies and let there be accountability all will be well with the people of Kampala.


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