We live in a country where theft, plunder and sextapes have open doors.


Every generation has a specific duty to country and generations one after another remember each other for what they had hands on to contribute to society and nation building. The generation that ushered in Uganda’s independence was one which had focused; selfless men and women who wanted self-rule and independence to make their own decisions. Amidst all challenges they chose to use the gun to change what they saw unfit for them, but this trend continued until the early 1980s. Our nation has been built on deceit, corruption, manipulation and treachery.

I have come to believe that because we faulted in setting up our foundation basing on national values that would unite us all together as a people from different cultures; we rushed into the fashion that was sweeping the whole Africa continent which was every nation acquiring its independence. I don’t think any man can start a family on the street just like that; a man must find a roof over his head for safety of his people. Because we faulted in the beginning, appreciating each other has not been the subject for generations until this day, but those with power have always used it to marginalize others through lies, manipulation, stealing and some have used death as a tool to stay longer.

Our people have mastered the art of manipulation and abusing the laws of the land since 1966 until our constitution has been reduced to just mere words in a book. And this has left us not with peace, but with regrets and a price to pay because our ultimate job is to protect our constitution at any cost. In 1980, our constitution was abused by a group of well-organized men who manipulated the populous hoping that they were restoring sanity and bringing back hope to Ugandans, but their overstaying aided them with another opportunity to abuse the same constitution. In 2005, the abolition of presidential term limits from our constitution created a very huge concern, in 2005 we had less men and women who could defend the people of this country, the majority put the future of this country and the one for generations to come in their pockets and other devoured it in groceries totally to five (5) million shillings.

I have come to discover that our generation is for the indolent, wretched that care not at all about the future. Every generation shapes the future of its nation, but ours has not played a part in building Uganda. Ours has been played and manipulated while their role is being misused by a clique that has practiced the art theft and plunder to their advantage. This plunder has happened because the moral fabric was eaten out of our society. We live in a society where politicians steal taxpayers’ money and carry a sack of the stolen money to religious leaders who wholesomely accept with gladness and an eye single as a gift. Most religious leaders who are mandated to impart moral values to their congregation have been blackmailed with freebies that these politicians. We live in a society where law enforcing institutions have resigned their role, instead of providing security to all, it is availed to the few mighty and filthy ones that have stolen from the majority.

PANTS DOWN: Arsenal Fans down in shock
PANTS DOWN: Arsenal Fans down in shock

We live in a society where young people have ceased to dream for the better of their country, young people have given away their right to demand for better services. With over 75% of our population is young, what comes to my mind is that we are supposed to have a vibrant, focused, ambitious and inspiring generation of leaders, but all we see are young people buried in gambling, sex, drugs and alcohol. With a section of our young people resorted to quick money ventures like recording sex tapes in universities and drinking to silliness. This defeats the meaning of why parents work hard to provide a future to their children, while parents sacrifice to avail young people with a platform to live a better life; they seem to be on the other side of getting rich quick. We live in a country where theft, plunder and sex tapes have dominated and open doors. Hard work has been substituted with theft, corrupt tendencies for some to get rich quick.

Our MPs eating the eaters' style.
Our MPs eating the eaters’ style.

There is no brand of leaders that have made a difference without values, integrity and courage to walk on until their desired destination. Our generation needs to do a lot of soul searching, first we need to re-discover ourselves and know what we want as a people. Our leaders need to take off their coats of selfishness and wear new coats of selfless men and women who believe in raising a generation that can take power from them. This can only be done first in families, churches, societies, political parties and at work places. We need a national conference to address important issues that will grow this country from where it is to a better place.

To all my young friends, the future of this nation is in our hands to loose, it is time for us to think again if we prepared enough to make those important decisions that will affect our time and also the next generation of Ugandans. We have been disappointed by the generation of bush war comrades who promised heaven on earth in a country called Uganda. But they have stolen from us and yet most Ugandans in the rural areas don’t know this we need to leave our comfort zones and head out to save the future of this country, we need to explain the rights and wrongs that have been done by these so called revolutionaries of the 1980 bush war.

It is our duty to choose a future that is promising by doing our job or forfeit it for those who are plundering all Ugandans. It is our duty my young friends.

God Bless You all.


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