Chris Obore: Arsenal is like NRM owning possession, but nothing to show.

Dear Chris Obore,

If Manchester United were a political party indeed as you opined then, Arsenal would be ZANU-PF. As we beat #Arsenal, we never knew that you the #ChiefNoiseMaker you were on that side. Please forgive us for your loss, but we only had to reduce the volume of the disorganized noise. Using football for examples in Ugandan politics i beg to submit that you are entirely misplaced. But kindly endure that long suffering i know what you are going through because i have been there, but be of good cheer troubled times come not alone but with faith, patience you can overcome.

But as you head to Chelsea i must warn you, you might be both wounded lions, but Ramires knows how to save the day, you might need to stock a number of nets to prevent him from diving in your penalty area, behold the lad is a skillful diver.

Chris, i discovered that your boy #MesutOzil doesn’t only have small eyes, but he is endowed with a big mouth too. Manchester United’s season cannot just ended by the use of words, but only football can be played and results can do that. Unfortunately, there was nothing to show but only possession, Arsenal is like NRM indeed who have had a possession of Uganda nearly for 30 years, but nothing to show in terms of achievements. Tell me about planting flowers and uprooting them to introduce a six lane on Jinja-Kampala is like believing that Ozil is the messiah in your long drought of silverware.I was also wondering whether #Flamini was launching his bid in doing a new #KungfuPanda sort of movie, the man exhibited ability in flying kicks that yielded a #YellowCard for him.

PANTS DOWN: Arsenal Fans down in shock
PANTS DOWN: Arsenal Fans down in shock

Next time shove those exceeding ambitions and first win the game and then talk. But you did a lot of talking even before you scored a goal. Someone of your fans fell down to earth in shock while their pants exited their waist just like Kiweewa’s song “Empaleyo Egwa.”

The words of Arsene Wenger angered our men and in deed in the words of Patrice Evra echoed the silent streets “Men prevailed over boys.”


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