Sport is bigger than the wrangles and politics in it!

Shawn Mubiru
Shawn Mubiru

Today i was invited at the Uganda Boxing Union and Big Strikers International Press Conference that was unveiling Mogas Uganda’s National Boxing Championship due to take place tomorrow and also sponsored by NTV Uganda. The press conference was graced by almost all journalists representing media houses across the industry from Print to electronic. I was pleased to exchange thoughts with journalists like Phillip G Corry of Kawowo, Odongo Alfred of NTV Uganda, Stephen Bwire Ouma, secretary general Uganda Journalists Union and many others.

Although our federations have a lot of politics and wrangles amidst managing and administering to the sport, at the end of the day Uganda Boxing Union and Big Strikers International deserved not the kind of sabotage they are facing from another boxing parallel body in the country (Uganda Professional Boxing Council). Big Strikers International and Uganda Boxing Union had invited the President of World Boxing Union and Franco Botha who were supposed to be in the country for tomorrow’s event.

The Sabotage:
One Jackson of Uganda Professional Boxing Council another parallel body of boxing in the country wrote a letter informing the World Boxing Council President that his safety was not granted because of the Terrorism threats in the country and on that backdrop the scheduled visit was canceled.

Sport is bigger than the wrangles and politics in it. I know you can tell me that is this is the way we have been running our things in the country, this must come to an end. There is always a time when compromise governs us in all sorts of concerns that we face.

The danger of wrangles in the sports industry are affecting the image of the country, the level at which one individual who does not have power to determine the level of security takes the law in his hand to declare insecurity in the country tells you the loss of structures.

At this rate Uganda as a country has lost the opportunity to improve boxing as a sport and also major grants to the game. We have also lost on the side of tourism, foreign exchange, credibility, etc.

We need to have these so called people who can afford to blackmail others using the country’s name to be punished that this kind of national sabotage stops.

Sport is more than a disciple, it is an industry that has contributed to the growth of all the big economies that we know of including England, US, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, South Africa and now in Kenya. Any nation must realize that sport is another sector that needs to be invested in hoping to collect taxes from athletes’ proceeds. But government will not end up milking a cow that it has not been fed, we need a sports policy which will govern all sorts of sports in the country, the same policy will help government in investing in sport infrastructure hence grooming all kind of athletes from different disciplines.


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