Someone Tell Dr. Myles Monroe That Governments Create Jobs.

Dr. Myles Monroe
Dr. Myles Monroe

In his speech at Serena Kampala Hotel, Dr. Myles Monroe said; “The work of government is not to create jobs, but to create an environment for people to develop their own work,” I am blazing with a NO! Just recently in United States of America, the federal government did shutdown business and many federal employees were asked to go back home until a budget.

With due respect, Dr. Myles Monroe’s statement is misleading to Ugandans that were in attendance and those who read his words in the dailies. Governments are the biggest employers of private and public sectors. While as, most jobs are not created by the government, it is the employer of both the private and public sectors. On addition to creating jobs, it creates an environment in which innovation can flourish and jobs can be created by the private.

So here is where I say Dr. Monroe’s theory cannot only be proven wrong on the current federal government shutdown in United States, but there is proof that governments create jobs all over the world. Before government led enterprises were mortgaged off in Uganda to unknown investors, Uganda government used to have a number of jobs on their books, but the IMF policy of privatization did not come well with us in Uganda. Uganda is the country that has given out all the responsibility to regulate major sectors including the energy one.

The first job in any sovereign nation is that of a President, following that position of CEO of a country, he needs to have staff that should work with him to serve all citizens. Dr. Monroe needs to retract his statement, it doesn’t only make sense to a modern day society, but it is misleading. Dr. Monroe’s statement not only misleads the entire nation, but also takes away government’s responsibility in creating jobs for its citizens.

I do appreciate Dr. Monroe’s intelligence and guidance to us on several topics, but on this statement I do question him on it. Hope it was a slip of the tongue that was not recognized, but it needs to be corrected save our people might take it for truth.


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