Oriflame Invests in Pioneering Plant Stem Cell Technology.


In the search for sustainable anti-ageing active ingredients Oriflame (STO:ORI-SDB), the international beauty company selling direct, today announces significant investment in the cultivation of its own plant stem cell cultures. This innovative capability will allow Oriflame to develop powerful anti-ageing ingredients that can boost and rejuvenate ageing skin. The technique, at the leading edge of skincare science, is highly sustainable and 100% traceable. Plant stem cell technology also allows for the production of active ingredients that are completely safe and offer high purity, quality and effectiveness.

The sourcing of raw materials is of fundamental importance to Oriflame. As a company that has always respected environmental and ethical concerns, it is taking action to better manage natural resources and significantly lower its ecological footprint. Using plant stem cells carries a number of important benefits:

Reduced water consumption – the production of an active from plant stem cells requires roughly ten times less water than traditional methods.

Conserving natural resources – fields can instead be used for vital food cultivation; less energy is consumed in harvesting and processing.

Protecting biodiversity – only a very small part of a plant is needed to initiate a plant stem cell line, for example 1 kg of cells equates to 5,000 flowers. Moreover, no plants need to be picked from the wild.

Increased quality and purity – the purity, safety and quality of the ingredients are not affected by environmental pollution. Seasonal and geographical variations are eliminated and the batch-to-batch quality is guaranteed.

“Oriflame strives to innovate through science, explore new ingredients and seek new ways to bring nature’s goodness to our products in a sustainable manner. The use of plant stem cells reflects our core identity of fulfilling dreams in a natural, progressive and ethical way,” said Dr. Alain Mavon, Skin Research Director at Oriflame. “It will give our consumers affordable skincare products containing highly effective, sustainable and safe active ingredients through breakthrough technology. Moreover it demonstrates our emphasis on scientific endeavour and commitment to innovation that stands out in the direct selling industry.”

The announcement marks another significant innovation for Oriflame and is part of its enduring commitment to become a truly sustainable company. Oriflame’s work on plant stem cells began in December 2012 at its Skin Research Institute in Stockholm. In addition to installing a state of the art Plant Cell Culture laboratory in-house, Oriflame has also entered into a collaborative partnership with Swedish company In vitro Plant-tech AB, specialised in biomanufacturing of cell cultures and explants from medicinal plants.


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