It is within our power to determine affairs of our country.

Shawn Mubiru
Shawn Mubiru

Their revolution started with bank robberies, and when they usurped power they sold off the same banks to themselves which they are running on high interests. The writing is on the wall that they went in those bushes for self transformation and liberation. The ordinary Ugandan has survived amongst all challenges that are social, political and economic. Survival cannot be a long term process, Ugandans need to reinvent themselves by first rejecting survival in this country. We must demand for what belongs to us.

The new revolution must rally around Ugandans re-positioning our mindset to one that will demand for better leadership not ruler-ship, we have been ruled for a long time it is time to have a man or woman who can lead from within and command from behind the voices of the people not front of their voices.

Once we do appreciate that it is within our power to determine affairs in our country, then we must understand that our demands must be heard and our mandate must be accounted for by those we empowered to speak, act and perform on our behalf. The time when a man decides for over 33 million Ugandans without listening them must come to an end.

Wrong is wrong no matter who has done it, we all need to tread a path that will transform our lives as a country we need to know our values and re-position ourselves as a nation.

A country without values is a pilot or captain without a compass. To enable us to be successful we must stop the course and determine a new one that can be accounted for under good leadership.

The escalating levels of deceit, corruption and dishonesty exist today because as a nation we have not agreed on our values as a whole. The institutions that are supposed to teach us on morals have housed all sorts of tendencies that have promoted immorality more than fight it and this has contributed to the eating away of the moral fabric from our society.

As Ugandans, we must appreciate our history, we must work hard to bring forth a future that will tell a new story. As a young nation aged 51 years and with the youngest population in the world we must invest in young people, to increase inventions without investing in young people’s innovations we cannot turn around the future that bring forth a Ugandan Dream.


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