Letter to Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba: Your ten keeps not adding up on Dr. Besigye.

Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba
Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba

Dear Professor Baryamureeba,

I read your ten points on Dr. Besigye’s walking away from the Independence celebrations, but i kept seeing you making circles and playing about like those young boys growing up pushing car tires with two sticks.

There is a growing tendency in Uganda about Professors and i don’t know whether this is trendy or just an oversight that is eating on them our professors keeping writing and talking but most of them are not making any point at all. To get back to your so called ten steps that are actually not ten as a matter of the fact you never made sense to me when you kept repeating yourself on the same things.

1. With due respect to your title not your personality, i would like to say that you are under-qualified to call Dr. Besigye to order because i still remember what you did after you were defeated in Makerere VC elections what should a sane person say about your conduct? Anyway Dr. Besigye respect the people’s mandate and their power. First of all, he never shouted at anyone or even disrespected those who attended.

Tell me if you went to church expecting to hear teachings of Jesus Christ and you instead get to hear the preacher teaching false doctrine do you remain seated? People attend functions for a reason not just attending for the sake of seeing them in attendance like many do it to catch the eye of Mr. museveni. Dr. Besigye expected to be a national event not praising singing one.

2.Professor Baryamureeba hope you know that Charity means the pure love of Christ and anything to do with Christ must be honest, right and true. So yes Dr. Besigye cannot be a Pharisee to his own people nodding his head as if he cannot reason anymore. National events must be organized in a manner that reflects inclusiveness and unity, otherwise NRM has personalized all national events and all they do is keep those who think differently away from them. This country is for all of us not only NRM believers. As a Professor you should be knowing this better than anyone else.

3.The people of Rukungiri stood with Dr. Besigye not because he was their son, but because they believe in those tenets that build a society that respects democracy as a way of life not just a word used to draw donor funds and in the end steal it from those who need it more.

4. Professor Baryamureeba you seem to believe that what Museveni says is gospel truth then I may question your thinking as a professor that is supposed to have an independent view on national matters. Mr. Museveni has no kind words to his opponents but demonizing those living and dead is his way of work. No one would even be curious about what he is going to say because his speeches are all identical.

Here is what you don’t know that i might need to impart to you my Ugandan made professor;

On this day of 9th October, we should conjure up feelings of liberty, freedom, and patriotism. We all should be reminded that freedom is not free. The red in the flag is for the blood of those who died defending this country.

It is important that “the next generation understands what our holidays represent. There are those who stood up for the values that keep Uganda great, sometimes sacrificing personally. It is not just another holiday from work, but a celebration of those who have gone before us to ensure our freedoms. We need to recite their names, we need to inspire young Ugandans to become like those who came before us.

The independence spirit is about who we are, where we came from and what we are doing to be better. We need stand up and recognize the good done by the past leaders than castigating and abusing them. Alone by abusing we abuse our history whether it was dark, bright or challenging it is our story, we need to tell with our heads held high that we have or can over more challenges of that nature.

Independence literally means we are free; but if the definition is being challenged by intolerance of some of our leaders, then that is a challenge we need to work on. It is a day to celebrate, become united like never before, walked together regardless of our political, racial, religious affiliations and forge a way forward to working together as a nation that is called being one.

Our men and women in uniform that signed up to protect our country have done a remarkable job we need to work on the frailties that are eating up the ethics and discipline within the forces across the sector. Our men and women in uniform need to stay away from partisan politics that is sucking them into exchanges within partisan practices.

On this day of 9th October we tell only truth as a land mark to set new goals and work hard to achieving them. Our leaders must learn themselves the actual meaning of independence; we should differentiate speeches meant for the state of the nation address and focus on independence. We need to understand the importance of this day and tell our story since 1962 to todate.


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