Independence Day we should conjure up feelings of liberty, freedom and patriotism.

Shawn Mubiru
Shawn Mubiru

On this day of 9th October, we should conjure up feelings of liberty, freedom, and patriotism. We all should be reminded that freedom is not free. The red in the flag is for the blood of those who died defending this country.

It is important that “the next generation understands what our holidays represent. There are those who stood up for the values that keep Uganda great, sometimes sacrificing personally. It is not just another holiday from work, but a celebration of those who have gone before us to ensure our freedoms. We need to recite their names, we need to inspire young Ugandans to become like those who came before us.

The independence spirit is about who we are, where we came from and what we are doing to be better. We need stand up and recognize the good done by the past leaders than castigating and abusing them. Alone by abusing we abuse our history whether it was dark, bright or challenging it is our story, we need to tell with our heads held high that we have or can over more challenges of that nature.

Independence literally means we are free; but if the definition is being challenged by intolerance of some of our leaders, then that is a challenge we need to work on. It is a day to celebrate, become united like never before, walked together regardless of our political, racial, religious affiliations and forge a way forward to working together as a nation that is called being one.

Our men and women in uniform that signed up to protect our country have done a remarkable job we need to work on the frailties that are eating up the ethics and discipline within the forces across the sector. Our men and women in uniform need to stay away from partisan politics that is sucking them into exchanges within partisan practices.

On this day of 9th October we tell only truth as a land mark to set new goals and work hard to achieving them. Our leaders must learn themselves the actual meaning of independence; we should differentiate speeches meant for the state of the nation address and focus on independence. We need to understand the importance of this day and tell our story since 1962 to todate.


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