Kenya condemns US for re-issuing of another travel advisory to Kenya.

The ministry explained that terrorism was not a Kenyan problem but a challenge that affected the entire world/FILE
The ministry explained that terrorism was not a Kenyan problem but a challenge that affected the entire world/FILE

Following the West gate attack the US government has issued travel advisories informing their citizens not to travel to Kenya because their safety there cannot be guaranteed.

The Foreign Affairs and International Trade Ministry described it as unfair and asked America to reverse the advisory, moments after the US State of Department issued the caution.

We have noted, with grave concern, the 27 September 2013 re-issuing by the U.S. government of the 5 July 2013 travel advisory to Kenya.

We wish to unequivocally condemn the re-issuing of the travel advisory, and reject it as unnecessary and uncalled for.

Terrorism, such as in the attack on Westgate Mall, is a global problem. The United States itself, has suffered terror attacks before, and so have other countries right across the globe.

We have made these points clear to the United States government through the usual diplomatic channels. Issuing travel advisories, such as this one, is not what we expect of our friends with whom we have enjoyed cordial diplomatic relations for a long time.

According to the ministry, Kenya was expecting support following the Westgate mall attack that left people from different nationalities dead and injured.

“We expect support from our friends, which is why we call on the U.S. government to withdraw the advisory.”

In its advisory on Saturday, the US urged its citizens to be wary as it had received information that there would be further attacks in Nairobi and the Kenyan coast.

It also warned US citizens over travels especially to North Eastern Kenya which has frequently been attacked.

It warned that there were terrorists who are still free and are likely to carry further attacks.

The US cited Kenya’s invasion to Somalia as one of the main reason for the attacks by the Al Shabaab terror group.

However, the US Department of State said other tourist areas were safe but prone to smaller crimes of carjacking and robberies.

Last Sunday, President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga pleaded with the international community not to issue travel advisories.

However, their plea was ignored by the US.

If such travel advisories are sent to all US citizens it means that the number of business people and tourists will go down a move that will affect the Kenyan economy after a terrorist attack on their soil.


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