The future will not come by chance, but we must chat a way forward.

Shawn Mubiru
Shawn Mubiru

The future will not come by chance, but we must chat a way forward and determine one which will make us feel secure and inclusive. We must be the reason for a change that will bring everyone together not one which will leave many apart. We have to think and be innovative whether getting the deal in the business sector or any field. First, it will require a stable political arena where men and women see each other as stakeholders working to bring the best there is to growing our nation.

The politics of the day is full of so much unfairness and this is not a good sign of a stable nation. We have been there before the time is now to clean our politics and how to clean it we must have correct, fair and better methods of settling political contests. The political and electoral reforms will provide a leveled platform for all to participate.

As a country it is our duty to create a government that knows how to take care of us not the one that is interested in taking care of itself and friends. In times like these when the elite abandon their fields to contest for a political post in order to survive, then we should know that we have lost DIRECTION.

As young people of a great nation with vast opportunities, natural resources we need to end this #Kigunia politics. We deserve to have before us men and women who think about serving their people, rather than those want to be givers. A leader that wants to be the provider is a very dangerous one, he fails the principle of work and renders the citizens as beggars must be stopped.

We must reposition as a nation and set new goals that will usher us in a very competitive region and world. We are a 50 year old nation, that doesn’t even makes not a needle, but import them from China.

We are a nation that trains Engineers but our roads are constructed by foreigners. We are a country that is blessed by a good rain season but we have not used all this before us. We tomatoes, apples, pineapples imported from South Africa, did we ship our land to South Africa?


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