Be Resolute don’t blink for the time is nigh – Sejusa.

General David Sejusa
General David Sejusa

In his new missive to the Kampala regime, General Sejusa has attacked President Museveni below is the full missive;

The question of who is in UPDF and its High Command and other matters of state etc , must be guided by the constitution of Uganda and other laws that govern the country. Some of us took a decision not to subject ourselves to the whims of corrupt and decadent individuals, no matter what offices they may hold. That is the difference between us and them. We demand supremacy of the law and oppose personal rule, of whatever shade.

UPDF is not Museveni’s army. It’s our army, the people’s army which they built through blood. Our objective is to reclaim it, take it away from the claws of that decadent kleptocracy. It is us who must send away Mr Museveni from the high command. He has abused that army. Killed its officers and men and stole all its money to use in campaigns so as to rig elections. That’s why we have no barracks 30 years after the struggle and our soldiers live in huts. That’s how he has destroyed its structures so that he abuses it by appointing incompetent people whose most outstanding qualification is being his relatives.

Mr Museveni must answer charges of destruction of the state. Its a matter of time. So Mr president, you can posture with those intended actions against me, like dismissals, court martial, treason trials, desertion trials, abuses, lies, curses, etc etc, but the people of Uganda who own that UPDF high command will deal with all the abusers in good time. So, yes I am a member of UPDF high command by Law. Unless he goes to parliament to change it, he has no power to sack me.

Can Museveni take away my citizenship? No he can’t! And can he remove me from high command, no he cant. That is his predicament and we are watching.

On being renegade, what is in a name? Remember I was once called a bandit and worse! I just read all those names they call me in papers. They really mean nothing within the actual context of fighting for freedom. The determinants are elsewhere not in name calling. Thus, on whether am renegade or whatever, history will be the ultimate judge. But make no mistake, the clock is ticking. Soon, those words will mean nothing. And those posturing with those pieces of sublime phrases and loud sounding nothings will answer to the people. Those who fight for freedom always have the last I don’t care what name they call me. What they say am doing on the streets of London or not doing etc etc! Time will tell who is doing what. We are tested combatants who brought Mr Museveni to power. Make no mistake, we cannot be wished away.

On the question of leaving parliament, it goes to the bottom of our struggle against that abuser, Mr Museveni. He thinks he is the state and the state is him. So when you tell him to stop stealing or killing or breaking the law, it is equated to treason. So we must allow his abrogation of the constitution to continue and abuse of our people should go on unchallenged! This is unacceptable to the people of Uganda.

It’s that we reject. If am to leave parliament, the law must be followed to the letter. Not to do so would be to allow Mr Museveni continue playing God. The ‘BIG DADDY’ syndrome must be stopped in Uganda. That’s our mission now. So i will not leave parliament because that dictator wants it so. Uganda is ours. That parliament belongs to the people of Uganda and not Mr Museveni. Mwalimu Nyerere once said ” Bunge ni Inchi” (parliament is the country, ) of course Mr Museveni doesn’t understand that because for him, everything he couldn’t get in his youth, he thinks he must get now ,no matter the cost to the people of Uganda. The man just has no limits! That insatiable greed for everything must be stopped. That’s our focus.

On issues of whether am still coordinator of intelligence services etc., I really pity Mr Museveni.
He got himself in so much mess that he doesn’t know how to get out. Him and his dim-witted lieutenants attacked and ransacked my offices as if they were me! They could not understand that these were government offices not my personal premises! Mr Museveni is just so much off balance that he just can’t tell a consistent story. So you destroy the offices with armed thugs, then you turn around and say am still Coordinator, of what, Mr president? It gets worse each passing day!

So Ugandans should ignore him. That office was destroyed by him. Now he wishes he hadn’t! But its too late. He attacked it, then attacked Entebbe International Airport, raided my offices, imprisoned innocent people who are languishing in prison, sent intelligence to parliament at night to break into speaker’s office to steal letters which they claimed I was writing to the speaker ,etc etc!

Whatever the Kampala regime does, it just can’t hold it together.So I appeal to all the forces fighting for change, BE RESOLUTE DONT BLINK FOR THE TIME IS NIGH


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