Tokota endless like Kampala potholes Orange Uganda Advert annoys NRM elites

Tokota endless like Kampala potholes.
Tokota endless like Kampala potholes.

I am willing to bet that every single one of you, when faced with a nice advert prompts, will be able to recite not only the jingle but the core advertising message of that product brand. To some the advertising message becomes inspiration, but to others it becomes negativity criticism. In every society you will judge the people according to the way they respond to debate and issues. The Orange Uganda advert is not meant to hurt or annoy anyone, but a kind reminder to Kampala Capital City Authority that potholes still exist on our Kampala roads. My question is what’s wrong with  remind someone that look we are still driving or being driven on road with potholes? Where did the positive criticism adage move to, did it cross our borders to a foreign country that we need visas to get it back?

I think we must learn to look at certain statements in good faith, is this the reason why work is being done without the Public Accounts Committee in Kampala Capital City Authority, because they want to operate in darkness?

Now we are glad that Orange Uganda does not only enjoy taking our money, but they know that their customers want good roads on addition to a good mobile telecom network. It is indeed kudos to Orange Uganda and the person that thought along that concept.

A good advert is one that causes debate among the customer base and that is what we are doing, we are debating about our roads. I think Orange Uganda achieved their goal which was to engage their customers and see what they want is it quality lives or just anything? Everyone wants a good city without potholes and in Pamela Ankunda’s statement she said; “Kampala Capital City Authority – KCCA is working around the clock to make these roads better.” Is it bad that Orange Uganda becomes a mouth piece of Ugandans that want a pothole free Kampala? I think it is a good message that acts as a reminder to KCCA about their duty to work. Let us not politicize everything we need to raise above this notion.

I have started to realize that our society has lost the sense of looking at things the way we should, any citizen who values his/her taxes will want to get in exchange good services and in the services, there shouldn’t be anything like pothole designed roads or even falling electric poles. If a private corporation appreciates the fact citizens deserve better, then why should a section of some elitist fight the message of change?


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