I was misquoted by Sunday Monitor – Besigye

On Saturday evening Sunday Monitor copies were selling like fresh grasshopper and I did not know what the issue was a friend of mine called me and asked me did Dr. Kizza Besigye says these words while addressing a rally in Masaka? “I shouldn’t have saved Museveni’s life.”

I replied him that the cautious and professional Dr. Besigye I could not have said those words and he said; I pray he did not say them because as a professional he needs not to say that. On Sunday morning, the social Media was burning like Madhivani’s sugar cane in Kakira on fire, a debate on the matter of course was going on and many contributed trying to understand what Dr. Besigye could have said a friend of mine DB Binyina called on me to clarify on what the good doctor may have said but I promised to get back to him. And it is good the man has spoken himself.

Today the good Dr. Besigye has made his point and clarified the frailties that Sunday Monitor made in their story.

I was misquoted in a Sunday Monitor article; the point I made and have made many times before is that those of us who contributed in various ways (in my case by offering medical care) to bring M7 to power contributed to bringing a problem for the country. As such, we have the primary responsibility of removing the problem we helped create.

My question how does this comment translate to the said headline? Where are we heading with such reporting?


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