Eating is important to the elite class than a better Uganda.

Gone are the days when you would listen to a man and you get inspired like those times of Andrew Mwenda Live and Simon Kasyate on KFM. The day when Mwenda said that “I wish was 35 years old, I would run against Museveni.” Today you might be mistaken to listen to both men because they harbour not that same thinking of a better Uganda and good governance for all Ugandans.

In Uganda, it is hard for a man to say a word and keep it for a long time and if there are those that can do that I grantee you they are very few.

While in my secondary school life, my literature teacher used to say; good thinking builds a good society and a good society builds a good nation but only when a man changes not what he believes in.

You can say that advocating for a better nation with good governance has been substitute for eating. The Tuli mukintu adage seemed to have swept many off their feet especially those who used to have aspirations of being part of that class that would offer a hand in ushering good governance to a once a promising nation in early 1990’s to a dark grey cloud of autocracy in early 2000s to date.

The reason why I write this blog comes from a Facebook comment made by brother Simon Kasyate that has left my heart not only bleeding, but wondering how the future will be like when a man can only think about bread alone, but not the future of his country. See Facebook comment here…


Eating is costing this country a fortunate, but even those that have a decent eating have gone ahead to be doped in this campaign of taking away from the majority. The majority of Ugandans are suffering from a dead medical sector, poor education, corruption imposed on them by the ruling class, and no jobs for our fellow young brothers and sisters that graduate with so much fire power but reaching out when their destiny is being on the streets. What makes me wonder is that these so called regime apologists keep on quoting GDP figures that makes no sense to a poor Ugandan is this GDP only growing in the pocket and plates of the ruling class and their spin doctors?

I feel for the future when I see man made gloomy dark clouds surrounding us and ready to eat the future away like vampires. If the young cannot see far away for the future then, it is true that we are leaders tomorrow and indeed tomorrow comes as we wait for tomorrow the next day is also tomorrow what are we waiting for is it an extinction all poor Ugandans due to much poverty?

When the young are trapped in the closet of eats and see not light coming out of the closet is the problem of this country. The young that have dined with their tormentors and sang praises for them, but also forgotten that the future of this nation is a young population that is not employed and has no hope to see a change of strategy until they learn to say no.


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