Boda Bodas out of Kampala – William Nzoghu

Hon. William Nzoghu - Bonsogora North MP
Hon. William Nzoghu – Bonsogora North MP

Yesterday while watching the Midnight repeat of NTV Tonight I was shocked by the statements of Forum for Democratic Change MP William Nzoghu when he said that Boda Bodas should have been sent away from the Central Business District long time ago I wonder what the honorable Member of Parliament meant by his statement.

Is this Boda Bodas business more dangerous than the filth that spills on the roads of Kampala when it rains?

My brother William, you should know that Boda Boda business might be dangerous to its customers, but it is a means of employment that we cannot send to the trash cans now. I believe that we can regulate this business and can be a means of another revenue stream to the country than sending them away just like that. As a leader you must know that offering an alternative to these young men can be the best option not doing away with them.

 I suggest that a bylaw to be enacted under KCCA so that we can start with those in Kampala and the surrounding areas and then let the bylaw be sent to the Attorney General and later to Parliament, if this bylaw is good then, it can replicated through the country for the Boda Boda business to be regulated under a law hence bringing more revenues to the country.  Right now KCCA has no law under which it can punish any Boda Boda rider who chooses to reject the move to be registered. What will happen to those who will bring people from other nearby districts like Wakiso and Mukono? Will they put their customers at the borders of Kampala and for instance Wakiso?

I believe that KCCA can use time and consult and about regulating the boda boda business.

For the William who wants Boda Boda out of the Central Business district must offer an alternative where these Boda Bodas should be sent and also give a reason why they should be sent out rather than offering a blanket statement that I see as hogwash.


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