Your government doesn’t know you and your Arch Bishop is high on POMBE.

Instead of your government looking after you, they are looking for your information from Facebook a sign of an indolent system at play.

Any organized government must know its people and understand their needs not going after them but take care of them and their needs.

When did the old adage die out? Government is for the people but nowadays it is for a select few who are against the people’s will.

Archbishop of Gulu John Baptist Odama.
Archbishop of Gulu John Baptist Odama.

The moral fabric has not only been eaten out, but it is extinct. When you come across Arch Bishop Odama’s words in the media, you understand that many use religion as a vehicle to advance their personal selfish interests, but not to serve the human race as they should.

Freedom is what was preached in the New Testament and when I see and read from Odama’s words, I question the gospel he learns and preaches from, because the doctrine of Christ sets men and women free, but an Arch Bishop who supports boundage as a way to lead people to prosperity and freedom must be preaching dark side of his understanding of it because it will either put more bread on his table.

Many times preachers want their followers to walk the path of righteousness and they tend to keep the close check on them in order to see that they fall not off the right path, but who checks their own journey on the same path while we are in flesh? I guess the bible teaches that we ought to be our brother’s keeper and now is the time to check on Odama and his cohorts.

One of the values of humanity is to respect diversity whether in religious beliefs, tribe, race and political affiliations. No man can ever become successful unless they are fully given the freedom to exercise their ability to choose good from evil.

The importance of space given to people is to interactive freely and enjoy the blessings of humanity but which kind of spiritual revelation did Rev. Odama get was it a free SUV for POMBE that would from state house that empowered him with the ability to utter unfortunate statements that led to supporting this POMBE?

POMBE has never been a good substance to boost about, when the Kenyans last consumed Kyaanga they did not only lose sight but their lives, we have been lucky that we have been able to be ranked in the world for drinking, but we have lost the Kayunga 5 that were on NTV last year. POMBE has never been that friendly in a country where ministers, MPs and President sleep in public meetings whether home or abroad we have been a disgrace.

Decreasing space on which people should use to discuss, interact and enjoy their democratic rights cannot be infringed on and a religious leader stands to affirm with an aye don’t we need to check on his ability to reason and think for the good of his folk?


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