Trade Order KCCA Post on Facebook unleashes people’s anger.

Kampala Capital City Authority is becoming indolent to the level that is not surprising to anyone, it is time for me to come out with no gloves on and respond to this dictatorial tendencies seeming to be the order of the day in all authorities and government institutions.

This is because KCCA’s attempt to falsely prosecute innocent Ugandans is premised on its failure to enforce its mandate which is to evict vendors off the streets. The presence of vendors on the street is not by invitation of the innocent people, but the failure of KCCA to evict them.

By KCCA failing to do their job, they provide an alternative to the people who want access to humanely priced commodities rather than buy from the shops that are inhumanely priced.

Let me ask KCCA, when I buy from a vendor does that make me an accessory before the fact or after the fact?

My submission is that KCCA should and has the means to enforce the law to the letter, rather than circumvent the law and mask their failure by victimising innocent Ugandans.

The Post of KCCA and the anger of Ugandans.



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