Open Your Doors for only those who you know.

When the ninth Parliament kicked off business in their maiden period, every Ugandan was hopeful of a new era where the legislature would be able to independently do its work. Just like other Parliaments, the ninth one caught the flu that has turned the whole institution of legislature one with feeble knees rather than a trusted backbone.

The whole stand-off was sparked off during the oil and petroleum bill in Parliament. This is where the executive started its attack on the independence of the legislature. Though every institution has its line of defence, but truth is our Parliament is led and ran on dangerous grounds. Where a Speaker is a member of a political party in power and he/she is viewed in that lens this is indeed something that cannot be done. I have always said that in order for independence to be seen and felt to exist, the Speaker once elected by all MPs in the house must not be seen to be side-lining with any side in the house whether the ruling side or the political opposition. This would have given our house the quality it deserves.

Speaker: RT. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga
Speaker: RT. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga

The attack on the person of Rebecca Kadaga and the office of the Speaker is a manifestation of the continued abuse of the rule of law in Uganda. If a whole Prime Minister never came out to refute the story that was published in a daily newspaper, so how do you expect me to believe that this was a mere fabrication within the industry. The fact that Kadaga has always traded her competence, independence to threats from the executive then that is a simple way to say that she opened the doors but not knowingly well who was coming in. Whenever you compromise on the law, lawlessness will come back to bite you. And this is what Kadaga is going through now sharing on the after effects of her compromise.
What I see now is not a surprise but a decayed system that needs total overhaul.

Today at a press briefing that was called by the minister without Portfolio in the office of President Richard Todwong said; “The Prime Minister has made efforts to reach the Speaker to make it clear that he made such statements.”


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